Late Night Shoe Lust Courtesy Of ENKWSA!

As you all know by now, on Sunday afternoon, Kelly & I flew into Las Vegas for two whirlwind days of major shoe lechery! I was doing some tweeting as I walked around, but some of the shoes were so wonderful they really deserved to be photographed with a great camera!

So then, here are my picks from ENKWSA. I could absolutely see myself strutting my stuff in all of these! Couldn’t you?

Late Night Shoe Lust!This shoe from Irregular Choice has the awesomesauce trifecta. 1. It is turquoise. 2. It has a KNITTED PIECE OF CANDY on the toe. 3. The heel lights up when you walk! Come ON now!

Late Night Shoe Lust!I super-love this wedge from L.A.M.B. I think it’s really chic & wearable. Pretty sure I’m going to need this one in my collection…

Late Night Shoe Lust!I saw this shoe from about a mile away & made a BEELINE for the sparkle! This boot is by House of Dereon & is essentially a Christmas tree for the foot–don’t you think?

Late Night Shoe Lust!This studded, bedazzled boot is by Zigi NY & I definitely need it in my life. You could make your own, but of course, your thumb would probably fall off.

Late Night Shoe Lust!I know I said I loved that L.A.M.B. wedge earlier, but THIS by Steve Madden is the perfect wedge! Barbie pink, cute straps, mega-height… An essential for all disco divas, wouldn’t you say? I have not-so-secret plans to wear these ALL summer.

Late Night Shoe Lust!Steve Madden knows how to rock pink. I don’t know that this heel needs any explanation!

Late Night Shoe Lust!We had such a great time at the Irregular Choice booth! The whole thing was like Marie Antoinette meets Velvet Goldmine in the best way possible. There were so many great shoes but we couldn’t photograph them all (trade secrets!), so you will just have to take my word for it when I say that their upcoming lines are FABULOUS!

Late Night Shoe Lust!Irregular Choice (who else?!). Need. Need. Need! That is all.

Late Night Shoe Lust!Again, Irregular Choice, & I absolutely, 100% need this in my life. You know how sometimes you fall in love with a shoe & start planning outfits around it, even before you own it? I am totally doing that with this shoe!

Late Night Shoe Lust!More Irregular Choice! This boot is so fun & silly. I think it would be great for running (glamourous!) errands or flying cross-country–like a really wonderful UGG boot alternative!

Late Night Shoe Lust!I think these are my absolute #1 favourite from all of ENKWSA, because I can see myself in them on a daily basis. It’s the L.A.M.B. Caitlyn wedge, & danger danger, it’s actually available NOW… Drool-o-rama!

We had such a fun time. Of course, now it’s back to the grind, sub-freezing temperatures & reality! Thanks to Delta for flying us, The Palazzo for giving us somewhere to lay our heads, & of course to ENKWSA for having us!

P.S. Don’t forget to play Sartorial Pursuit this week! The latest questions are on the new blog, bspoke, & you can read more about the competition (& the rad prizes you could win!) here!