Let The Magic Happen…

Happy Monday! This week, let magic guide you. Allow your intuition to whisper and lead you in new and wonderful directions. Give yourself permission to explore and experiment.

On Tuesday, it’s a new moon in Leo. New moons are a fantastic time to write down a list of things you want to achieve, and the best time to do it is as close to the new moon as possible. (It happens at 1.51pm on the West Coast and 4.51pm on the East Coast.) Set yourself an alarm on your phone 10 minutes beforehand and when it goes off, stop what you’re doing and start to write a list of things you’d like to come to fruition this month.

A moon in Leo has some very particular characteristics. Think of your favourite Leo: odds are that they are bold and love the limelight, they have great hair and they thrive on the adrenaline rush they get from taking a big risk. This moon is just like that. Creativity is favoured, risk-taking is to be encouraged, and anything that involves you getting recognition will receive a big boost.

It’s going to be a damn good week!

With love,

Image from Sephora.