Let’s Get Physical!

(Like Olivia Newton-John.)

I am dying to find some kind of exercise that I really enjoy, & I thought some of you might have good suggestions…

We have a gym & a pool in our building, but going to the gym bores the pants off me, & I’ve never been much of a swimmer.

I regularly go for long walks in wildly inappropriate shoes, I am constantly dancing around my living room & I also bounce on a miniature trampoline whenever I feel I need it, but that’s about all the exercise I get.

I did a trapeze lesson a couple of months ago & I loved it, but regular classes are pretty expensive… & I’m going to a croquet club tonight! I formed a croquet team when I was at school & it was really good fun, but I wouldn’t say it’s wildly energetic. (Mostly I just like hanging out with old ladies.) I own rollerskates too, & I guess I should use them more, but I’m kind of afraid of breaking my face!

What do you do to get your heart-rate up?