Lightcasting Day: April 2009!


Eeeeeep! I almost forgot! Today is Lightcasting Day wherever you are on the planet — the day of the new moon, the day when it’s most powerful to do some manifesting & visualising & think about what it is you want out of the next month!

If you’re new to lightcasting, I wrote a guide to it a few months ago. Each sign has something different to focus on each month, so here’s what you might like to meditate on today or tomorrow!

Aquarius Start from the ground up. Take stock of the environment you grew up in, your early childhood, & how you treat yourself today. Choose to heal, to grow & leave the past behind.

Pisces How do you react to the world around you? How could you change the way you behave in order to alter your current reality? Try writing it out or talking about it with someone you trust; see what you can come up with.

Aries Give some thought to how much you value yourself, your time, your health. Basically, this weekend is about self-esteem. Every choice we make has a direct correlation to how much we love ourselves, so what are your choices saying about you?

Taurus Who do you think you are? It’s time to create a new persona & a new ego. Do you want to be wild or mild? Sweet or crazy? Honest or shrewd? Throw it all into a big mixing pot & start living it.

Gemini Switch up your routine & break rotten old patterns. If someone always talks to you in a way you don’t like, start reacting differently. Change habits which are unhealthy or make you feel bad about yourself.

Cancer Are you a social butterfly or a homebody? This coming month is all about your position in society. Think about the kind of social life you’d like to have, then start making it happen!

Leo How do you feel about your work? Does it fulfil you or does it leave you feeling empty & drained? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? This weekend, visualise yourself living & loving you ideal work.

Virgo Our beliefs are fluid, they change as we do. The things that used to be true for you may not be any longer. You may have thought having a job = security, but that’s not true any more. Don’t be afraid to shift your perceptions!

Libra Where do you draw the line with other people? Do you have trouble saying no? This month is all about boundaries & intimacy — it’s time to create new boundaries that make you feel good.

Scorpio You’re re-evaluating everything you’ve been connected to for a long time — like relationships, work, friends & even how you treat yourself. Heavy stuff! Try not to overburden yourself though, just ruminate!

Sagittarius When you change your day-to-day life, everything else changes too. It’s the perfect time to switch your routine, what you eat, how you exercise, & who you spend time with.

Capricorn Your inner child wants some attention! Our inner child is the part of us that dreams really big, with no regard for how to do anything. Listen closely this weekend & you’ll remember what it is you really want!

You can get a whole lot more information about your individual sign here! Enjoy your weekend!