Little Things

I think life should be made up of small delicacies. I don’t mean little cakes every two hours — though, of course, that would be pretty nice — I mean tiny things which propel you forward & invigorate you.

Here are some things I appreciate & enjoy:

TUT. Every day, I receive an email called “A Note From The Universe“. I love them. They are sweet & often uncannily relevant. One of my recent ones said, ” Friday! Friday! Friday! Our favorite day here, Gala, for 3 reasons: First, it’s today. Second, you’re a part of it. And third, because your thoughts will become things even faster when you’re happy about something — you know, like the weekend ahead, staying up late (I mean, even later), or getting to wear your PJs with the built-in slippers, mittens, and hood (shhhh… won’t tell a soul about the rabbit ears). Bump, bump, bump – The Universe”

Lighting a couple of scented candles, putting on a facemask & having a long, hot shower.

Getting out of bed at 7am, walking out onto the balcony & watching the city wake up around me while I drink a big glass of orange juice.

Receiving my weekly horoscope from Rob Brezsny — even if you think astrology is complete bunk, he writes great stuff.

Listening & speaking along to my Pimsleur Japanese mp3s & pretending I can actually speak Japanese with any competency.

Finding REAL mail in my post office box. (Psssttt! You can send me anything you like, courtesy of [redacted]!)

Adding pictures of beautiful cakes to my Flickr favourites. (What a dork!)

Reading Cary Tennis’ advice column, Since You Asked, at

Going exploring, especially during a walk at dusk. Melbourne is amazing for this kind of thing.

Talking to sales assistants at beauty counters who know their stuff. I think this is a throwback to my Lush days.

Watching episodes of Sex & The City in bed. Best show ever, maybe? Yes, it is very possible.