Living Situations

Pink house
Photo by Kristalynn(This house is cool to look at but I imagine it is owned by someone terrifying)


I started thinking about this the other day, especially when I read this about Helena Bonham Carter & Tim Burton:

“They live in adjoined houses with a hallway that connects the two homes.”

I love that idea. Together, but apart. As an only child, I really enjoy spending time by myself. I live with my boyfriend at the moment, & thankfully we get along well the majority of the time! I do, however, have very fond memories of living alone in my studio apartment. I could change my outfit 5 times & leave clothing everywhere, call up a friend & go out to a restaurant at midnight, then come home & talk & listen to music until the wee hours. It’s nice to feel like you can live your life without disturbing anyone else or having to “be considerate”.

My favourite kinds of houses are those gorgeous Victorian ones you see all over San Francisco, preferably one painted candy colours, with a big staircase & a verandah upon which I would take breakfast & read fashion magazines. Ha! Though since my first love is New York, I would love an apartment there, too. Big windows, lots of light, something old which has been refurbished — lots of character but good, solid structure underneath.

What’s your living situation at the moment, & what do you think would be ideal?