London: I’m Bringing The Radical Self Love Salon To You!

Next month, I’m heading to London… And I’m bringing a taste of radical self love with me! Mark your calendars, ’cause on Friday July 18th, it’s all going down!

We’ll be congregating at the superbly colourful Drink Shop & Do in Kings Cross for a gleeful afternoon. I’ll be talking about my journey to radical self love, teaching you the techniques and methods that have worked for me, and encouraging you to make that leap into the next big thing. Got questions? Bring ’em, ’cause I’ve got answers! And finally, we’ll do a radical self love ritual together that will leave you feeling delighted and ready for anything. (You’ll be finding rose petals for days afterwards… !)

You’ll also receive a cute-as-hell radical self love tote bag and a badass notebook, plus be provided with tea and cakes. (This IS Britain, after all!)

Want to come along? Click on the ticket! Space is strictly limited, and it’s first come, first served.

Radical Self Love Salon

Friday July 18th

Got questions? Click here for more information about my Radical Self Love Salons!

Extra love,