Love Lab: Your Love, Sex, And Relationship Questions Answered!

This week has been so much fun: a non-stop slumber party with Shauna, Alexandra, and my man. But of course, it’s not all play. We couldn’t resist working a little bit too! That’s why on Tuesday morning, Alexandra and I cozied up on my couch to answer your love, sex, and relationship questions. And we had a BLAST.

We talked about how to find your dream lover, articulating your needs (without the other person being offended), what to do when the passion fades, what to do if the girl you’re dating suddenly goes quiet, whether having sex “too soon” is really a thing, and so much more. Click below to watch!

I hope it entertains you. Let me know what else you’d like to see from us… ‘Cause we have some fun ideas in the works!

Love ever,