Love & Sequins #2 Is Live!

Love & Sequins #2


The second chapter of Love & Sequins: Making Magic Happen was sealed with a kiss first thing this morning, & is ready to be devoured by you! (For those of you who are new to iCiNG, Love & Sequins is the bare bones of my new big project, a delicious book about blowing kisses to the universe!)

The title is THE SMART GIRL’S GUIDE TO BUSINESS — Taking control of your life, finding your passion, loving what you do & making mad bling!

Written in New York City & recorded in Toronto, it weighs in at over 12,000 words, & the MP3 is an hour & a bit. I talk at length about my experiences as an independent business owner, discovering what you love to do, how to escape the corporate world, the lessons I’ve learned, what it’s like to make a living as a “blogger”, what it takes to be successful & much more!

This chapter of Love & Sequins is split into two parts. As a super-special treat, this chapter includes a half-hour long interview between the infamous, creative, prolific & extremely successful Molly Crabapple & I, recorded last month at International Playgirl HQ! We discuss starting your own business, being self-sufficient, how to manage your money, online personalities, the new professionalism & following your passion even when times get tough! It’s cute & hilarious, by turns serious & frivolous, & if you close your eyes you can pretend you’re sitting on my bed with us. There are even cabs blaring their horns outside, essential to the authentic New York City experience!

I’m so passionate about this topic, because since starting my business it is all I have really been interested in! I have so much to say about it, I could write an entire book on the subject — maybe one day I will!

You can purchase this podcast for $12, subscribe for a year & be billed monthly at $10, or pay for it all at once for $84 (a super-saving at $7 a month).

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Once I receive notification that you’ve snapped it up, I’ll send you an email which has the complete chapter as well as a link to the MP3!

If after listening to #2 you want to go back & hear the first chapter, you can pick it up here!

As always, thanks for your support & enthusiasm! It means so much to me.