Love & Sequins #3 Is Live!

Love & Sequins 3

Bonjour, bonjour!

It is with great delight that I announce the third installment of Love & Sequins: Making Magic Happen, my monthly series all about being a love letter to the universe. It is available now! Right now! I’m sitting here zapping hundreds of digital copies of it all over the world at this very instant!

This month, the chapter is LOVE, SEX, THE GALAXY & EVERYTHING — From falling in love to co-habitation, & all the beauty & madness contained within!

It’s all very timely, since I have been through so much romantic upheaval in the last year, from processing long-term break-ups to developing my international playgirl style & flitting around having intercontinental love affairs — & am currently deeply smitten by a certain Dish! So I have really been from one end to the other & all the way back again. Needless to say, I have given this subject some deep thought recently!

Love & Sequins #3 is bursting with hints, tricks & tips on all things love-related, from how to find your ideal sweetheart to learning your own secret love language. Written in the thick of a tumultuous New York summer from the air-conditioned bliss of my favourite coffeeshop, & recorded on the Dish’s bed with Hank asleep beside me, there are lots of love stories, shining examples of what NOT to do & plenty of hope for lovelorn, wide-eyed dreamers!

Single issues are $12 each. Alternatively you can subscribe monthly for $10 (& I’ll send you the ones you’ve missed!), or buy the whole lot at $7 a pop!

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If you haven’t heard the other two, you pick up back issues any time!

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As always my star-kissed darlings, thank you so much for your support & encouragement with the Love & Sequins project! It means more to me than you could ever know. MWAH!