Love & Sequins #5 Is Live!

Love & Sequins #5!

Ooh la la! It has arrived! This morning I put the sparkling finishing touches on the most recent instalment of Love & Sequins, my personal guidebook to being a love letter to the universe!

Digital copies of it are whizzing all over the world as we speak, arriving with a puff of glitter into the inboxes of international playgirls, continental sweethearts & psychedelic disco ghouls across the planet!

Love & Sequins #5: FINDING HAPPINESS & MAKING IT STAY — Choosing joy, making magic & devoting your life to love, adventure & deliciousness!

In it, I talk about filling your life with enchantment, how our words create our world, surrounding yourself with incredible people, rising above your critics (boo hiss!), dismantling troublesome patterns, how to really make yourself happy & a bouquet of breathtaking mantras to literally transform your life! (No kidding!)

Clocking in at over 11,400 words (!!!), it is the most comprehensive chapter of Love & Sequins so far! In a delicious new format with yummy pictures & good-lookin’ formatting, it’s definitely the most enjoyable, useful & fabulous instalment yet!

I’m extremely excited about it, I think the content is super-practical & inspiring! It’s perfect for anyone who finds their moods sometimes get the better of them, if you’ve been wallowing in a case of the doldrums or if you just want to bring more happiness into your life!

The timing is ideal too for those of you sliding into winter or poking your heads out into the spring sunshine!

You can snap it up for $12! Otherwise you can subscribe monthly for $10 (& you’ll get the back issues you missed), or you can buy them all at once for $7 each!

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The back issues are pretty wonderful, too! You can pick ’em up here!

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #1: LEARNING TO LOVE YOURSELF — Self-adoration, manifesting your ideal persona, channelling your inner Marie Antoinette & everything in between!

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“This podcast has been tremendously helpful. It has indeed resonated deeply in all of the tiny crevices of my being where I’ve been hiding my hopes and dreams and instead allowing myself to be swallowed by fear and doubt. I couldn’t agree more that we all know that self-confidence and self-love are the root of success, of living the positive inspired lives we all dream about. And yet, until now it escaped me that I could practice at being confident. That I could slowly develop these skills over time. I had a huge a-ha moment – of course it won’t happen overnight! Of course it’s about making small changes, adjusting my mindset and perceptions in the moment… Thank you for letting your own light shine as it has given me permission and inspiration to do the same. I’m deeply grateful.” — L.

“Dude. I’m just listening to your podcast now. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive because I’ve noticed your content on iCiNG has changed a little. This is the stuff. SIGH! RELIEF! CONGRATULATIONS. Don’t ever forget how much the ‘nonpareils’ have their hearts out there for you. Me included always always always. You’re just GOOD, you know? Substantial and full of perspective, dripping with sticky as honey vocabulary. Plus your voice is so badass.” — S.

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #2: THE SMART GIRL’S GUIDE TO BUSINESS — Taking control of your life, finding your passion, loving what you do & making mad bling!

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“Thank you so much for your inspiration. it really gave me the kick up the bum that I needed. I was always afraid to take a creative income path, for fear that my talent was lacking. I still have these insecurities, but I realise that right now, while I’m young, enthusiastic and motivated is the very best time to give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, then I’ll try something different. if it is a success, then maybe it will give me the confidence to try some other more innovative ideas.” — V.

“I am writing to you in regard to a project that I started as a result of your lovely site. I guess you could call me one of your inspired non-pareils. Wikifashion began as an idea around one year ago and I never really had the “chutzpah” to give it a go until I purchased your podcast on “being your own boss”. I fell asleep listening to that podcast every night for a week, taking it all in and furiously scribbling down notes. It was so groundbreaking for me and every word that you spoke really resonated with me. Thank you for inspiration and words of wisdom.” — M.

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #3: LOVE, SEX, THE GALAXY & EVERYTHING — From falling in love to co-habitation, & all the beauty & madness contained within!

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“Gala, I loved this one! I listened to it as soon as you sent it. I’ve always been kind of a cynic when it comes to love, but I think I’m ready to let my guard down and take the plunge. The ‘love self-evaluation’ and ‘figuring out what you want from a partner’ parts stood out the most to me, and I’m definitely going to take the time to write and reflect on these areas. Thank you so much!” — D.

“This was supermegaawesome good! I like the way it flows and sounds natural… Like you’re whispering good advice in my ear! And also I was walking my dog while listening to this and 3 or 4 times I just burst out laughing at some of the things you said; a lot of strange looks! Please keep this up, they’re all super good and I really do owe a lot to you!” — V.

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #4: A GUIDE TO MANNERS FOR THE MODERN MINX — Etiquette, social graces & charming the pants off total strangers for the uninitiated!

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“i just listened to this & it’s SO helpful, you have no idea. thank you, thank you, thank you! i’ve always been pretty socially awkward & it’s only gotten worse the past year or two & i’ve really been wanting to change that, but never knew where/how to start… i’m sure i’ll listen to it many more times :] & absolutely do the homework.” — M.

“Gala, you have truly hit the spot once more! I sat there nodding to myself, smiling with recognition, laughing out loud and thinking WOW this girl inspires me to change the world too as I listened to the 4th Love&Sequins. Thank you so much wonderful!” — A.

As always, sugarpuff, huge thanks to you for supporting me in this endeavour, being so encouraging & always inspiring me to be bigger & better!