Love & Sequins #9!

Love & Sequins #9

“Your imagination is your preview
of life’s coming attractions.”
Albert Einstein

HOORAY! It’s here!

Love & Sequins #9: MANIFESTING & MAGIC-MAKING — Using imagination & reverie to create a perfect universe!

The latest chapter in the Love & Sequins series has been written, edited, recorded & sealed with a kiss!

This episode is all about one of my favourite topics: engineering your thoughts to make your life as beautiful as possible! While a lot of the stuff I’ve read on the subject is vague, my guide is not! There’s no fluffy rhetoric here — it’s all live-action advice which is can immediately be applied to your life. Bullet-points & all!

Some people get confused about manifesting & the law of attraction, & think it is about being positive & thinking woo-woo thoughts & waving a stick of incense around. It really isn’t! Manifesting is about getting the universe to meet you halfway. It’s about doing the work while having faith that things will work out for the best. It’s about knowing that what you want is coming to you — but also knowing that you have to start the ball rolling. After all, if you just sit in your room thinking about what you want, but don’t get out there & tell anyone about it, or do some research, or take any real actionable steps, how will anything ever happen?

Some of the topics covered in Love & Sequins #9 include…

Manifesting 101 — everything you need to know when you’re starting out
Becoming the inspired creator of your own existence
Using your feelings as a barometer to predict your future!
Learning to turn up your vibration & attract beauty into your life
Uncovering what it is that you really, really, really want
All the techniques I use to make incredible things happen
Creating an environment which supports you in your dreams
Becoming a brave, fearless dream warrior!
Embracing, welcoming & learning to love change
Top secret tricks to get rid of the fears which are holding you back from being your own superhero
How to gag & bind your “inner jerk” forever!
What to do on days when you don’t feel the magic
How to jump feet-first into your dream
What to do if your parents are unrepentant dream-crushers!
…& much, much more!

“GALA I LOVED IT! So much insight, help & perspective on the LOA and the everyday nittygritty details & secrets of it! Thank you ” — A.

“It’s so great. Thank you for sharing your life and inspiration with the rest of us. Your positive energy is contagious! :)” — S.

As well as an 11,000+ word document, included in the bundle is an hour-long MP3 of me reading it aloud to you! (Just think of it as an empowering lullaby!)

Copies of it are whizzing around our heads right now, landing with a splash in the inboxes of international playgirls & doll-faced geniuses all over the world!

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“You create your own universe as you go along.”Winston Churchill

Alternatively, you can download all the past — & future! — episodes for $7 each (a one-off payment of $84)!

Here are all the other chapters! Check them out & see what piques your interest. (If you really don’t know where to start, #1 Learning To Love Yourself, #5 Finding Happiness & Making It Stay, #6 Daintier, Smarter, Better Dressed & #7 Blogging 101 have been the most popular! Having said that, I am super-proud of every chapter & they all have been enjoyed across the world!)

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #1: LEARNING TO LOVE YOURSELF — Self-adoration, manifesting your ideal persona, channelling your inner Marie Antoinette & everything in between!

“This podcast has been tremendously helpful. It has indeed resonated deeply in all of the tiny crevices of my being where I’ve been hiding my hopes and dreams and instead allowing myself to be swallowed by fear and doubt. I couldn’t agree more that we all know that self-confidence and self-love are the root of success, of living the positive inspired lives we all dream about. And yet, until now it escaped me that I could practice at being confident. That I could slowly develop these skills over time. I had a huge a-ha moment – of course it won’t happen overnight! Of course it’s about making small changes, adjusting my mindset and perceptions in the moment… Thank you for letting your own light shine as it has given me permission and inspiration to do the same. I’m deeply grateful.” — L.

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #2: THE SMART GIRL’S GUIDE TO BUSINESS — Taking control of your life, finding your passion, loving what you do & making mad bling!

“Thank you so much for your inspiration. it really gave me the kick up the bum that I needed. I was always afraid to take a creative income path, for fear that my talent was lacking. I still have these insecurities, but I realise that right now, while I’m young, enthusiastic and motivated is the very best time to give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, then I’ll try something different. if it is a success, then maybe it will give me the confidence to try some other more innovative ideas.” — V.

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #3: LOVE, SEX, THE GALAXY & EVERYTHING — From falling in love to co-habitation, & all the beauty & madness contained within!

“Gala, I loved this one! I listened to it as soon as you sent it. I’ve always been kind of a cynic when it comes to love, but I think I’m ready to let my guard down and take the plunge. The ‘love self-evaluation’ and ‘figuring out what you want from a partner’ parts stood out the most to me, and I’m definitely going to take the time to write and reflect on these areas. Thank you so much!” — D.

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #4: A GUIDE TO MANNERS FOR THE MODERN MINX — Etiquette, social graces & charming the pants off total strangers for the uninitiated!

“i just listened to this & it’s SO helpful, you have no idea. thank you, thank you, thank you! i’ve always been pretty socially awkward & it’s only gotten worse the past year or two & i’ve really been wanting to change that, but never knew where/how to start… i’m sure i’ll listen to it many more times :] & absolutely do the homework.” — M.

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #5: FINDING HAPPINESS & MAKING IT STAY — Choosing joy, making magic & devoting your life to love, adventure & deliciousness!

“I can honestly say this is the best $12 you will ever spend. I’ve been seeing a psychologist for the past 6 months… What Gala has produced is that 6 months of therapy all wrapped up into an hour long podcast. Her advice about choosing how you react to situations is the most helpful life advice you may ever receive.” — K.

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #6: DAINTIER, SMARTER, BETTER DRESSED — A deluxe guide to looking truly fabulous, defining your personal style & being the best-dressed girl at any party!

“This months’ Love and Sequins was my favorite so far. It is clearly a subject that you feel very passionate about, and that really came across in the podcast… This podcast really inspired me, and even while I was listening to it, I had a pad of paper next to me and was jotting down outfit ideas and sketching possible combinations.” — V.

Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #7: BLOGGING 101 — Living & loving online, monetisation in the new world & thinking beyond the 9-5!

“One more thought: It’s not about blogging. It’s about ANY online business. I.E., pretty much any modern business at all. Blogging is just an example, and at that, really a very small part of it. I read it, thinking about what I was doing, nodding & going, “Yep, good advice, yep, can use that”. … Loved your comment about your core audience. Great advice about managing online rep. The list of ‘little things’ is frickin’ brilliant. High density, high value. All in all? Damn, that’s one high value podcast. Amazing stuff.” — S.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #8: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! Keeping your friendships fresh, finding platonic soul mates & clearing out the fakes, phonies & meanies!

“This podcast was nothing short of fantastic… Full of really useful, practical advice. I always assumed that my friendships would just potter along on autopilot while I tended to the other areas of my life, but now I feel motivated to take action to show my friends how much I appreciate them & make time for them.” — V.

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“I’m so glad I paid for all them upfront. Now every month I get a delicious chapter to inspire and thrill me. It’s one of my favourite pick-me-ups.” — L.

I know I always say it, but THANK YOU so much for your support of me & the Love & Sequins project! I enjoy writing the chapters so much & you are the reason why I’m able to do it!

Have an incredible weekend!