#lovetober Is Over! Did You Win?!

Lovetober is officially over, and I must admit, I’m a little sad to see it go! I always have so much fun dreaming up these challenges for you, and by the looks of things, you enjoy participating!

We had close to 20,000 entries this month, and it’s safe to say I am blown away!

I can only say thank you: thank you for attacking the prompts with such gusto, thank you for being sweet to one another and making new friends, and thank you for helping to build this community even stronger. My biggest hope for #lovetober, beyond rediscovering how beautiful your own world is, is that you made some new friends. Being on a path of positivity can feel a little lonely at times, and having people around you who understand and are thrilled to see you succeed is so valuable. Stay in touch with your new #lovetober buddies! Who knows: maybe you’ll be at each others’ 80th birthday parties!

As always, here are some of my favourite images from the end of the month.

October 20: Favourite city


Dani loved St Petersburg (“It is a city with cotton candy pink, bubblegum blue and peppermint green buildings and then it is all dusted in gold”), Catt is dying to get to Tokyo, Lynsey has hometown pride for Glasgow, Kate fell in love with Zanzibar, Kenna chose her home of Seattle, and Silvia is hung up on Helsinki!

October 21: Your babes


It’s so nice to see photos of people having a good time with their friends. Thank you to Krystal, Teri, Jamie, and Sam for sharing these!

October 22: Seasonal love


It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn! Look at all that orange and all those leaves! These photos were taken by Suzy, Regina, sinikristiiina, pquirky, and Kayla.

October 23: Throwback Thursday


This photo is just so great that I cannot share any others from this day. YES Josie, YES!

October 24: Spirituality


I loved the captions on this day, and reading about how differently everyone defined spirituality. For some, it’s a connection to God, to others, it’s just love. Some get messages from feathers, while others kneel at an altar. The diversity here was just beautiful. Photos by Charlotte, Caroline, Katie, and Anna.

October 25: Before and after


Well, Andrea and Vicky haven’t changed a bit! Helen has great hair, and Monica did a before and after jump in front of an amazing wall!

October 26: Self-care routine


Chrissy got messy with Frank, Cristina took care of herself by “having a luxurious shower/EFT session, heading into town by myself for the only time this trip (I’m prone to getting lost and it’s been cold, haha), experimenting with my nails, and reading tarot cards by the water”, hella barbarella snuggles with her pup, and Charlotte enjoys a cup of coffee. Then we have Hilma on the go — she has a goal to run 4500 miles this year! (Holy $%#@!) And Mookie gets silly in a face mask.

October 27: Wonder


Dylan is full of wonder when she’s in nature, and Mary loves the stars. Mel took it literally, and Sam rode an elephant in Thailand. Looks like fun!

October 28: Biggest challenge



What’s your biggest challenge? For Nicolette Michelle, it’s procrastination. And Annie needs to learn to drive so she can get the car of her dreams! I loved what Mary shared about her biggest challenge…

“What was my biggest challenge? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to work on my rituals for my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I did an intensive six month session, which at its core is just exposure therapy. I would have homework assignments where I would have to do things that gave me anxiety. Every day I had to sit with a drawer open for 45 minutes and stare at it (among countless other assignments). When I first started I would cry, big bawling hysterical tears, as I stared at it. Most days I couldn’t make it past 10 minutes. But now I can leave the house with a drawer open and I don’t have a problem with it. Facing the thing that scared me the most was my biggest challenge (so far).”

October 29: Beside your bed


What does Hildetje have beside her bed? An adorable dog! What a face! And will you just LOOK at the way Mel has styled her bedroom and bedside table?! Now that is minimalism done right. Meow!

October 30: Advice


I loved these sentiments from Ashleah, Chan Marie, Ashley, and Rachel… And hope that for someone else, it was exactly what they needed to hear.

October 31: Halloween!


So much cuteness! You all look like you had a damn good time on Halloween. (I did too!) Here are some of my favourite shots from Kate, Cassy, Leonie, Kayla, Magnolia Rose and Vanina.


We have two sets of winners! Hooray!


If you see your image in this set, email me! You have won your choice of any of my digital products, from Radical Self Love Letters to Bible School. Take your pick! Let me know what you want and I’ll make it happen!


If you see your image in this second group, again, email me! You have won a CUSTOM radical self love skirt from Devel! Take your pick of circle or pencil skirt, and send through your waist and hip measurements, as well as your address. Your skirt will have a beautiful radical self love patch embroidered onto it. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Beyond cool!

Thank you, again, everyone, for participating. I love you endlessly!

Kisses forever,