Madame Pompadour

On an exploratory visit to the Victoria Markets, Ana & I stumbled across a shop called Madame Pompadour. It’s gorgeous — like something from a Francesca Lia Block book. It is INSANELY pink, a treasure trove of homeware, clothing & accessories. I took a whole bunch of pictures because I thought it was gorgeous. I hope you find it inspiring!

Ana in a kimono from the shop. Beautiful but a little too big for either of us. I love the stack of quilts to the left, it makes me so happy. I’ve decided that I want to do up the iCiNG Bowl like a psychedelic grandma’s house: white furniture (which I already have) with granny-esque accents (floral, patchwork, vintage lamps etc.), fairy lights, weird exotic flowers, pictures of girls my age with little to no clothing on, taxidermy & maybe a zebra-print rug. Fake, I think. Anyway…

I love that etched mirror. They had a fabulous range of clothing — camisoles, slips & skirts — which ranged in price from really good value at about $14 to really really expensive at about $200. I didn’t buy any of them, even though I really wanted to, but I did buy the below dress for $39…

It looks pretty great with black stockings & New Rock boots.

An umbrella covered with quilt patches. I love it. & look at all those gorgeous pink cushions! They’re going to look so good on my white couch.

Marie Antoinette-esque quill pens, jelly moulds, lace parasols, glorious china & a huge dresser housing it all. I love shops decorated like this, I would much rather feel like everything is an exciting discovery than just “here’s a shelf & some stuff with price-tags”. Quelle yawnfest!

Aforementioned slip dresses. GOD, they were beautiful. Hand-dyed, I think, with embroidery & bits of crochet & pearls. Seriously, amazing. I want one in sky blue & one in fuchsia.

Feathered hairclips on a little cake stand. Simple enough, right? You could do that on your dresser at home. So do it!

For anyone in Melbourne (sorry to those of you who aren’t!) — Madame Pompadour is at 145 Victoria Street, next to the markets. Tell Tara I sent you!