Your Most Magical Year: Live Weekend Event!

You. Me. A room full of your new best friends. Not to mention an astrologer, a love witch, and an aura photographer! This is Your Most Magical Year, happening in New York City on January 13th and 14th of 2018! (Yes! That is one month from now!)

I adore the energy of a new year: it’s so juicy and ripe, loaded with potential, like a perfect piece of fruit dangling from an electric blue sky. All you need to do is reach out and pluck it. That’s what Your Most Magical Year is all about. Over the course of a weekend, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about mindset, momentum, morning rituals, and how to structure your life so you can truly get things done. Together, we’ll dream really big and then create a personalised plan to make 2018 your most incredible year ever.

CAN YOU IMAGINE how good it will feel to sashay your way into 2018 with a smart, sexy plan? One that brings your goals and your desires into alignment? One that helps you decide in an instant where you should say no and where you should yell yes? One that inspires you and makes you feel good every time you look at it?!

And baby, that’s not all!

We’ll be doing a rambunctious Q&A with Ophira Edut of the AstroTwins — essential dates included! —  so you know how to make the most of your year astrologically. You’ll get an individual tarot card reading with the love witch, Veronica Varlow, as well as a top secret mission related to your reading. And on our last day together, you’ll have your aura photographed by Radiant Human — a beautiful visual reminder of all that energy you possess.

Plus, there’s a wild goodie bag (which includes my 2018 Almanac and Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Day Planner!), great music and dance breaks, a room loaded with balloons (hello perfect selfie background), and so much more.

The best thing to do in an uncertain world is party harder, love more, and dream bigger than ever before. Think of this as a delayed New Year’s Eve party. We are going to get so high on possibility, on potential, on creativity. We are going to shine up all those dull edges. You’re going to strut out of the room with so much sparkle that Rihanna would shed a happy tear.

I am absolutely beside myself with excitement about creating this little universe for you to luxuriate in. It is going to blow your mind.

Tickets are strictly limited — this event is intimate! — and there are only a handful of earlybird tickets available! You can snap them up right here, and that’s also the link to share if you’re hoping for a badass holiday gift… (Hint hint!)

Click here for all the information about the event, including what time it starts, what you should wear (definitely sequins!), and all that good stuff.

I’m dying to see you. I’m so excited to help you make 2018 the most incredible year of your life! LET’S DO THIS!

Kisses and unicorns,