Magicians, Pina Coladas And Sparkly Glasses: Our Vegas Vacation!

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!

Las Vegas is one of my favourite cities of all time. It’s the home of excess, a place where it is totally reasonable (if not expected) to be fluttering your false eyelashes at 9am. I’ve been to Vegas five times, but my last visit was three years ago and it was time to return to the source! I was ready to get plugged into some GLAMOUR!

In fact, the last time I visited Vegas was in 2012 with Shauna, and it just so happened that Kat was there too. (She claims she was there for a wedding photography conference, but we’re pretty sure she was just trying to subtly insert herself into our lives. She’s a sneaky one!) To cut a long story short, we ended up spending all our time together, and started talking about a little idea that ended up becoming The Blogcademy… !

Ever since that first trip as a terrible trio, we’ve been talking about how much we needed to go back. We taught a class in L.A. last weekend, and from there, it was just a 40 minute flight. We checked into Encore on Monday afternoon, and promptly set about getting ourselves into trouble!

A video of our adventures is below. (If you’re viewing this in your inbox, click here to watch!)



In case you couldn’t tell, we had a damn good time. If you’ve never been to Vegas, put it on your bucket list!