Making Magic At Darling HQ!

We love our new apartment… But it sure is barren. Our living room is entirely devoid of furniture, so at this point, we’re primarily using it as a through-way. All of the “living” is happening in our bedroom, which is fine, but not, you know, ideal.

I have dreams. Dreams of hot pink armchairs, enormous mirrors, and candy-coloured art. Visions of floral garlands, mirror balls, and huge quartz crystals. In short, 5 years of living in a place that did not feel like my own has accumulated and come to a glorious head. It is time for Darling HQ to become a reality: a spectacular, multi-coloured, shimmering reality!

Tiffany Pratt

Enter stage left: Tiffany Pratt, interior decorator, stylist, HGTV Canada host and lover of sparkle, aka my twin from the North. I discovered her site a few months ago — I mean, will you just look at this?! — and immediately fired off an email.

I just found your blog and I am 100% in LOVE with it! I adore your spirit, your energy, and your devotion to colour! I’m so inspired. Thank you for being you and putting yourself out there! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxx

Her response came back almost instantly.

Reading this note makes me fist pump the universe where sparks of pink and rainbows shoot out of my heart. I found YOU by chance a year ago. I felt you. I loved you. I respect and love who you are and what you do for so many. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the precious moment to send your notice of love to me and to whole-heartedy share your feelings. You are an inspiration, a leader in love and a fellow color agent. I hope we can think of someway to work together somehow, but in the mean time I am so delighted and touched to be under your pink light.

Her email made my heart want to explode into a million rainbow-coloured pieces.

Clearly, it was kismet. That was the beginning of our friendship… As Burt Wonderstone might say, a magical friendship. And I started thinking, ‘Hmmmm, I would love to work with her. How could we make that happen?’

Then it dawned on me: my husband and I had just signed a lease on our brand new apartment. Maybe she could come and help me make it beautiful!

To make a long story short, we decided to do it. YES! The dream is becoming a reality!

Darling HQ

Tiffany arrives in just under 3 weeks. I am terrified and elated, all at the same time. We have been talking on the phone (how retro!), swapping pins, and sending very excited emails back and forth. I can’t wait to meet her, explore flea markets together, and find perfect pieces to make our house really feel like a home.

We’ll be sharing snippets along the way — both on my blog and using #darlingHQ — and I’ll be sure to include Tiffany’s insights on decorating in a way that truly makes your heart sing. She is an expert, after all… And I think we could all use the help!


Gorgeous photos by Tara McMullen Photography.