Matching Personality To Fragrance

Demeter is a truly remarkable company creating scents which smell like laundromats, bonfires, creme brulée & pretty much anything you can think of.

They already have a significant list of celebrity consumers — Kate Moss & Clint Eastwood like Dirt, Drew Barrymore wears Gin & Tonic & Sofia Coppola is a fan of Tiger Lily.

I love to look through the list of fragrances & imagine myself wearing them, but often I think that I would have to be a certain type of person to wear, say, Stable (hay, muck & animal sweat) or Thunderstorm (humid air & soil).

Here then, are some of my scent suggestions for various people I hold in high esteem.

Violet Blue

Paperback + Riding Crop = Violet Blue

Paperback is the scent of a sweet & slightly musty paperback book, while Riding Crop is the smell of worn leather. I can’t think of a more perfect combination for Violet Blue, a motorcycle-lovin’, robot-building, San Francisco-based sex writer — especially since Demeter hasn’t created a cupcake fragrance yet! Violet is one of my favourite bloggers, always entertaining & lascivious.

Angelina Jolie

Funeral Home = Angelina Jolie

Funeral Home is a blend of white flowers (lilies, carnations, gladiolus, chrysanthemums), mahogany & oriental carpets. Angelina Jolie, though now a huge celebrity, had a hard time growing up just like everyone else. She was ostracised at school for being skinny & weird-looking, & for wearing glasses & braces. She got heavily involved in the punk scene as a teenager & has had three highly-publicised relationships. When she wed her first husband, Jonny Lee Miller, she went to the altar wearing black leather pants & a t-shirt which had his name written on it in blood. The media went nuts upon hearing that she & her second husband, Billy Bob Thornton, wore vials of each other’s blood as necklaces. Which of course is nothing compared to the craziness that ensued when she got together with Brad Pitt. (Team Jolie! Team Jolie!) Anyway, the point is, Angelina Jolie is great & as a child, her dream was to be a funeral director — hence the perfume selection.

Honeysuckle + Ocean + Pink Lemonade = Weetzie Bat (from the book of the same name by Francesca Lia Block)

Weetzie Bat doesn’t get a picture since, unfortunately, she is the product of someone’s imagination (though according to Wikipedia, Francesca Lia Block is writing a screenplay to bring Weetzie to the screen!). Weetzie Bat lives a life of playing in the ocean, looking out from behind the Hollywood sign, driving around in convertibles & drinking lemonade. I think the combination of these three scents is the ultimate happy Californian girl fragrance. I can picture a girl strutting around, smelling like this, drinking a milkshake & listening to “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow on her headphones.


Espresso + Orchid + This Is Not A Pipe = Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate, who is often seen clutching a venti takeaway Starbucks cup & a cigarette, doesn’t really need this fragrance blend since I assume it is how she smells already — but if you want to imitate her, be my guest! Now, I’m not completely classless, this isn’t just the smell of the Mary-Kate diet — I also threw in a little orchid, since that’s her favourite flower. (I am a sad, sad fangirl.) you MK!

Violet Beauregarde

Bubble Gum + Laundromat = Violet Beauregarde (from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl)

Violet is a competitive tomboy who compulsively chews bubble gum. She holds the world record for chewing a piece of gum for the longest amount of time — she chewed one piece for three months solid. When not over-working her jaw, she likes to stick the gum behind her ear or on the headboard of her bed. The bubble gum smell is an obvious choice. In the most recent portrayal of her (Tim Burton’s 2005 film), she is also seen as a competitive over-achiever with medals & awards for every sport you can possibly think of. Hence the laundry smell — a sporty girl like that would need her clothes washed constantly.


Holy Water + Dregs + Myrrh = Jesus

I kid, I kid.