Melbourne iCiNG Brunch Re-Cap

The first Melbourne iCiNG Brunch yesterday was fantastic! Much coffee (& chai) was drunk, eggs were devoured & mushrooms were prodded at.

We had a great time! After we’d had our fill of breakfast, we did some shopping & finished up with a good stint in the massage chair department at Myer department store! Crazy kids, I tell you…

A florist made this for me to wear in my buttonhole.
Ren & Allan. Allan’s hoodie is so great, it said “I You But I’ve Chosen Darkness”.
Ren looks fantastic in my sunglasses.
This is the most terrifying photograph of me ever taken! Could you eat breakfast opposite that face?!


I didn’t take a lot of photos, mostly I was busy gulping coffee & shaking. Haha. Hope everyone had a good weekend!