Miss Sixty Fall 2007

Okay, I know I don’t normally publish runway photos, but this collection — Miss Sixty Fall 2007 — is incredibly cool &, in my opinion, very wearable.

I love the collar on this jacket! It is fantastic! I like the short little sleeves pulled up, too. Not necessarily the best choice for winter, but I suppose if you had something with thin but long sleeves, it could work. I am absolutely mad for the high-waisted pencil skirt with that skinny little belt, & also the scrunched-up socks with those boots. Seriously, what an amazing outfit.

Same girl again. I like her haircut very much. Not sure about the bodice of the dress (it’s DENIM, I saw it instore in London), but the poofy layers of tulle with black, glossy, knee-high, paratropper-esque boots is DEFINITELY a look I would rock if I could. I love silly juxtaposition like that — soft with hard, sweet with mean. If you took her to a ball, it looks like she would grab you by the collar, throw you against a wall, put one of those beautiful boots on your chest & tell you she loved you. Heaven.

Yes, it’s a little “Mask of Zorro”. The hat can go, but I love that cape & the way it winds around the neck. Very chic. I also like the short grey gloves.

Okay, you should know by now that I am a major sucker for anything with a fitted bodice & a poofy skirt. When done well, it looks exceptional. I also ADORE the fabric. I hate the hat, though, & something needs to replace that bra.

But wait! From the back, the hat looks fantastic! I just think at the front it should be more like a flying cap than a baseball cap. Behold the way that skirt flares. Wowza. I love it with the boots. So cool.

I love this. The beanie with those puff shorts & socks pulled up high? Perfection. Of course, you need twig-thighs (like the model) to wear them, so you know, they’re inappropriate for anyone who doesn’t exist on a diet of lettuce leaves & coke (& death)! Oh well, I would rather be happy ;>

Yes please. Beanie + dress (again, fitted bodice & pooooofy skirt) + fur stole + fingerless gloves. Beautiful. (I would like to have seen it with the paratrooper-esque boots, above, but oh well.)