Part of my Lush collection. It’s sick, I know.


Since I recently ran out of Afterlife, my favourite ever moisturiser by Lush (which has been DISCONTINUED, the horror!), I have been on the search for something as good to replace it.

It is not easy.

I have tried every Lush moisturiser I own with little success. I am currently using Cosmetic Lad, but it is average & really not thrilling me much. I think Gorgeous is much too thin, Skin’s Shangri La is far too heavy & the others smell… bad to me. It is so frustrating. Am I going to have to go to another company?! I also would really like something with a bit of SPF in it, & the only Lush moisturiser which has that (Ultralight) is way too thick.

What moisturiser do you use?