Moleskine Inspiration

Those of you who have been around for a while will know by now that Moleskines are my journal of choice. They are beautifully made, with fabulous quality paper, & you really can’t go past them for a glorious piece of kit.

If you’ve never bought one before, don’t hesitate a moment longer! Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Moleskine supplier & pick yourself up a piece of bliss! But of course, that presents us with two questions.

1. Which is the right Moleskine for you? They have notebooks, diaries, city notebooks & cahiers, all blank & swooning for your attention!

2. What will you use your Moleskine for?

When I was working in an office (or at Lush), I would use the bus to & from work to get my best writing done. I loved to use soft-cover ruled cahiers with a buff cover. I have a whole stack of them sitting in my bookcase in Melbourne, filled with obsessive writings about boy infatuations. In fact, I have an entire cahier devoted to Simon! (Awwww!) I use a black page-a-day diary for my daily life planning — I draw hearts at the start of each “to do” item, & then highlight the words in purple when I’ve completed them. I also have a New York city notebook which currently sits totally empty, but which I cart around a lot because it’s wee & has a subway map in it! (I will fill it in soon, promise!)

Here are some lovely things that other people have done with their Moleskines. The artist is noted below the picture. I hope they fill you with inspiration & elation!

Family Tree
Four images above by Hey Michelle
Black Vampire
Ann D

Ideas for your Moleskine
Saliva-inducing illustrations of the food you eat
A chart of romantic or sexual conquests
Modern treasure-map guides to your favourite places
Written character sketches & mysterious pictures
Page after page after page of wishlists
Love letters to your idols
A choose-your-own-adventure story
Views from windows
Individual haikus about each of your friends
Reviews of every roller-coaster you’ve ever ridden
What you would wear if you lived on the Moon
A collection of perfume strips & who you think they suit
Drawings of your favourite designer shoes
Lipstick kiss-marks
The third draft of your acceptance speech

What do you use your Moleskine for? Do you have pictures?

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