More Days To Celebrate

A while ago, I wrote Living A More Celebratory Life, with ideas of things to do to make your life more exciting. Here are some more days to celebrate!

May 14th: Sofia Coppola‘s birthday
Why? A visionary director, Sofia’s movies (The Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation & Marie Antoinette) are slow, beautiful & evocative.
How? Watch her first movie, Lick The Star (parts one & two). Eat cakes & drink champagne in the long grass. Visit a temple. Stick up pictures of Japan. Wear a pink wig & do karaoke. Tease your hair into an enormous bouffant.

August 28th: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe‘s birthday
Why? Because he was a polymath: a fabulous poet, novelist, dramatist, theorist, painter & scientist. He was one of the most enlightened thinkers of all time. He also said amazing things.
How? Read Faust. Go horse-riding. Hold a puppet show with a friend. Write poems in bed. Look closely at colours. Learn some German phrases. Sehr gut!

September 10th: Karl Lagerfeld‘s birthday
Why? Because he is the best kind of eccentric genius. He works like a demon, is mindblowingly creative in all aspects of his life, & painfully stylish. If you need more proof: 1 & 2.
How? Wear a starched white shirt & rings on every finger. Go shopping for the perfect pair of fingerless gloves. Photograph models & bark at them in a German accent. Listen to your iPod constantly, or Cat Power, or his mix CD, Karl Lagerfeld: Les Musiques Que J’Aime. Eat at Taco Bell.

“People who say that yesterday was better than today are ultimately devaluing their own existence.” — Karl Lagerfeld

October 10th: Carrie Bradshaw‘s birthday (according to Wikipedia!)
Why? Because she’s the most fantastic character on television ever. (You think I am exaggerating. I am not. This is how deep my love runs. She is like the best friend I never had.)
How? Watch every episode of Sex & The City ever made (though this is a regular event in the iCiNG Bowl). Go shoe shopping. Go to a movie alone. Write a bad column — include the line, “I couldn’t help but wonder…”! Max out your credit card. Drink cosmopolitans with your three best friends. Allow your outfits to evolve throughout the day. Decide to become a well-known “party girl”. Dance to Henry Mancini’s “Moon River” with an incredibly sexy older man.

November 27th: Manolo Blahnik‘s birthday
Why? Oh, come on! Why?!
How? Prance around your bedroom in your favourite shoes. Go online shoe-shopping. Give yourself a pedicure. Get a foot massage. Polish your shoes. You get the idea.

November 19th: Isabella Blow‘s birthday
Why? Isabella’s death was a very sad thing. She was SUCH an original, so very iconic. Isabella was the fashion director of Tatler & milliner Phillip Treacy’s muse. She is credited with having discovered models Sophie Dahl & Stella Tennant, as well as Alexander McQueen.
How? Wear a fabulous hat all day. Befriend & help anyone you think is a fresh talent. Have an affair with a gondolier. Remember to wear lipstick!

“If you don’t wear lipstick, I can’t talk to you. You need to have lips – they are important for getting men.” — Isabella Blow