More Evidence Of International Dress Up Day #005!

Smashing! Love your work, ladies. You all look phenomenal. I hope you all had fun dressing up, but it sounds like you did!


“Here’s my alter ego, a lascivious pirate named Gemma (long story) who cannot abide much clothing but absolutely loves jewelry of all sorts. She’s an expert with a gun and is fond of blowing the smoke from the muzzle once she’s shot whatever she feels like putting a hole into, more often than not spurred by the copious amounts of rum and other stuffs she’s downed.”



“Celine is one of my many alter egos who likes to come out to get the party started, get me in trouble and destroy my “good girl” reputation.. She spends most of her waking time dancing to loud music, breaking boy’s hearts, figuring out what to wear for the next day and going to parties.. because of her disastrous, quirky, ne’er do well attitude she can’t seem to live a quiet life.. She always wonders if one day she’ll be able to stay out of trouble and find a way to fit in..”



“My alter-ego is Heidi von Hula. Born in Germany to a wealthy family, Heidi never outgrew her childhood fantasy of running away to the circus. She left for California at the age of 15 to spend her time hula hooping, causing mischief, and enjoying a little girl’s dream life of leisure and play in the sunshine state. Known for her intense speed hooping, zany orange outfits, and pet guard rooster, Heidi has attained local infamy. Her favorite items of clothing include moonboots, equestrian half-chaps, anything with feathers, sexy lingerie or patterned tights, and all things orange. Miss von Hula digs the attention and the people she meets while performing in public, but enjoys drinking a sparks while hooping to trance music in her living room just as much. Her recipe for loving life is simple: life is too short not to live out who you actually are, and your opinion of yourself is really the only one that matters! I also made a short video of my alter-ego in action but i do not have quicktime pro so it is sideways. This was my first dress-up day… I had so much fun dressing up and surrounding myself in orange and hoopin in my house! I also love this new combination I created (the half-chaps and high heels) and think I will wear it out next time I go to a bar. Hooray for I.D.U.D.!!!”



“Meet Boombada. She’s petrified of water, therefore always wearing a life jacket. This comes from the childhood trauma of having a wavepool pull her in without floaties. Her favorite movie is ‘The Good The Bad And The Ugly.’ She wears glasses because she never wants the sun to peel her delicate skin like it did Clint Eastwood. Her passions become her fears. She loves Salsa dancing and quesedillas. She hates shoes, and wears only socks with her overly flowy and bright sun dresses. She likes to pretend she’s from the Dominian Republic, because she feels so out of place in Montreal. Her favorite author is Shel Silverstein, and she eats everything with jalapeno peppers.”



“i didn’t like the way the photos came out, so i decided to draw you a little something instead (yay for magic markers!). my evil twin’s name is Trixie the Candy Raver™. her evil superpower is the ability to render innocent bystanders completely deaf with her loud renditions of cartoon theme songs! her weapon of choice is a pink glowstick, which she can use to kill you in over two dozen (documented) different ways. when not terrifying small children, Trixie can be found leaping tall buildings in a single bound (thanks to her ultra-springy orange-&-pink boots) & consuming more sugar than humanly possible.”



“My Alter-Ego is a snarky little diva by the name of Nettle. She wears black, snubs kind strangers on the street, cares more for her Prada Handbag than the state of Darfur, loves Dogs (especially large Rottweiller types) and is generally not a very nice person. She talks in a rather uppity voice that’s actually rather drawling, and carries about an umbrella…because her skin is much to good for the sun. She ponces about town with her lackey-friends in her black bentley, and loves eating dainty little cucumber sandwiches that cost 5 £, and loves reading the paper. The World Issues section really, because she loves to laugh at how unfortunate the rest of the world is, and how perfect she is. (she’s also painfully excellant at Sciences and Maths)”