More International Dress-Up Day #003 Pictures!

These are SUCH adorable photos! It looks like everyone had a really good time. Hooray!

Nana‘s submission.

“Zomg! I am now in Perth Hell on Earth! The things you do for love, eh~ We’ve been celebrating our joint unbirthday, as well as our 11 month anniversary today. Bernard’s cat Lily (who had to have her ears removed because of cancer) joined in the fun too!”

Anna Rose‘s submission.

“For today’s IDUD’s theme of ‘An Unbirthday Party’ I decided to celebrate the fact that I did not give birth today and throw my unborn children an unbirthday party. I dressed as a 60s-esque domestic Mommy.”

Vanessa’s submission.

“For my unbirthday I decided to go glam rock… I wore a black shirt with crowns, black skirt, belt made from fabric pieces, red bangle and red sparkly shoes…chocolates cupcakes and balloons with red lips 🙂 So much fun!!”