More International Dress Up Day #005 Pictures!

You guys are so awesome & creative, I am totally thrilled! You all look FANTASTIC! Such high quality entries, I love it!


“Well, here’s one of MANY alter-egos Brigitte. C’est elle, the one that creates the artsy-poems, pretends to sing in a band, and wears a bright bikini with combat boots. She gives everyone a cold stare, not because she doesn’t like them, but because she’s too deep in her own thoughts to make any facial expressions. Or she’s thinking about spreading icing on a sexy lad… (She’s overly sexual, too, that minx!) She’s also a media monger, and uses old newsprint as stationary and as flooring. She writes with a cigarette shaped pen because writing is her addiction. She wishes she looked like Brigitte Bardot, and named herself after her too. If only, if only…”



“I already have a (not so evil) twin, so I decided to dress as my alter ego. She is a disco-dancing, sparkle-loving diva princess. Her name is a well-kept secret, but her nickname is Glitter. She refuses to brush her hair and piles on the bling. She wears no makeup but bright pink lip gloss, and is constantly re-applying because she likes to leave kisses for people to find wherever she goes. She is almost always dancing, and the only way to find her is to follow a trail of pink kiss marks.”



“A Roma’ a woman of mystery and delight. Once a rich heiress, she now scours lands far and wide, through jungle safaris, deserts, towns and cities searching endlessly for her lost lover. All that she can remember (she has memory problems) from the man she proclaimed her love to, is a silver necklace she holds around her neck. As a result of her loss, ever since his disappearance she has searched people she comes across, capturing their own jewellery to wear upon her neck. Waiting and praying until she finds the silver necklace that matches her own!”



“my secret alter ego… is a punk from 1979. ..shh, dont tell anyone.”



“Here is my alter ego… a little devil. Yes indeed, I am usually an angel, but when Little Miss Naughty comes out to play, that’s when the real fun starts!”



“This is the first time I’ve taken pictures for IDUD. I live in Florida, but for the past 4 years I’ve spent the majority of my time in Missouri for college. So, for International Dress-Up Day #005 I figured that dressing up as a Beach Bunny! would be the most appropriate alter-ego. She walked to the beach, but it was extremely hot, so she came back to her house to just relax by her pool instead. Beach Bunny! loves to sunbathe and take dips in the pool to cool off. She read her book, but didn’t get very far because she kept wanting to swim! After she went in and showered off, she ended the day by drinking red wine and eating cake!”



“Introducing My Alter Ego: Melvina Ivanova. Sometimes, if someone asks where I’m “from” (which happens more often than one might expect) – I answer “Soviet Russia” and belt out the few Russian phrases in a fake accent I’ve learned just for such an occasion. I’ve been known to accost people by asking them “Do you love Russia?!!?” If they respond with anything except a resounding “Yes”, I give them a very disapproving look.”



“this month’s i.d.u.d. coincided perfectly with a zombie ghost train gig saturday night. so i enlisted my friend rachel & we got our zombie alter-ego’s on.. zombie ghost train style of course. rachel aka freaky arms likes shoes that make her even taller than she already is, changes her shirt frequently & is also known for flippin the bird at anyone who looks her way. candice aka candance likes her eyebrows to match her hair, takes photos of strangers feet & frequently scares people with her crazy eyes. together they smuggle alcohol & cameras into gigs where they charm [scare?] their way to the front row. later they prowl the streets & concoct elaborate stories for the people they encounter.”

Candice & Rachel
Candice & Rachel
Candice & Rachel
Candice & Rachel

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