More International Dress Up Day #006 Pictures!

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“When I was wee, my greatest ambition was to run away to the rainforest and live with the animals. Several of my friends were coming with me, and we were going to form our own little Amazonian tribe. Sadly, the closest I have come to this dream today is posing with houseplants and going to the grocery store with Magic Marker whiskers still on my face.”


Tee Tee:

“I thought really hard about this, and when I was younger I wanted to be a vampire. There seemed to be something romantic about the notion of immortality, and sucking gross blood seemed such a small price to pay to live FOREVER. I would have loved to have gone out in this outfit, but it’s summertime here and much too hot for a black velvet dress covered in a black velvet cape. Eyes and fangs in the close up photo are provided by Photoshop as I am obviously NOT the undead and have not perfected the art of growing fangs whenever I get a bit peckish.”

Tee Tee
Tee Tee

Deanne & Masao:

“I asked Masao this morning, “What did you want to be when you were a little kid?” he replied quickly with, ” A professional baseball player or the Prime Minister of Japan” BINGO*** I hadn’t known about the second aspiration before but knew instantly it would make for a fabulous IDUD photo shoot. I cannot imagine Masao as a Prime Minister, but if by chance he is leading this country someday he assures me this is what he would wear.”



“When I was little, I wanted to speak French and be a movie star. Part of my dream has come true: in just under a month I’ll be starting my master’s in French film. For my photo, I crocheted a beret, studied a bunch of photos of Anna Karina, and threw on my best “I’m seeing reflections of myself in La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc” face.”



“When I was 5 I wanted to be a cream puff, an apricot one or even just a plain one. Sitting in the baker’s window watching all the busy people go by but still have time to buy a fatty/therapeutic treat for the day.”