More International Dress Up Day #007 Pictures!


“Tall, dark, and handsome creator of W.O.W (World Of Warcraft, the true reality), looking for woman to take care of me cuz my mom is old and gonna die soon. She must know how to make pizza bagels and will supply them to me every hour. She can never touch my beauty of a computer and if she dare touch my W.O.W. account, death painful death. Enough about her, lets talk about me. Women are lining up for me with my orc warriors level 70 and this is just a more organizingful way to do it. And yes organizingful is not a real word, but I’m the creator maybe even better then god, wait I AM A GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I created the best mind numbing, brain washing game ever. Everyone is now forced to be my slave. They pay a lot of money to play a game online and be my friends. Soon everyone will be under my pally’s spell.
And everyone in the world will play this game for endless hours, lose their jobs, lose their family, and be my brainwashed zombies. Muahahah gg noob! Oh the woman needs to be able to change my bedpan and be able to wash my clothes cuz an evil genius needs to be fluffy. Geez!”



“I chose to do Poison Ivy, since my name derives in part from her. However, I’ve never been quite satisfied with her swimsuit and tights outfit. (plus, it’s too hot for tights and boots.) I mean, she can’t wear that everywhere. So, I’m Poison Ivy on her way to the garden club.”



“She is known only as the Japanophile. Anyone who once knew her name has been eliminated. Mostly so she could take their clothes or merch. Growing up, she was trained in the art in ninjitsu, which probably wasn’t a good idea. This led her to not only be fascinated with anything Japanese, but also deadly weapons. She kills for several reasons, all related. 1. If you are wearing something kawaii and she wants it. 2. If you are wearing some Japanese street fashion and she wants it. 3. You are holding some totoro plushie or hell kitty lunchbox and she wants it. You get the picture. She may be very very cute, but also very very deadly. She dyes some of her clothes with the blood of her victims, but only if it suits her current outfit. If she was compared to an animal, it would be a treefrog from the rainforest, generally
covered in bright colors, intriguing, and adorable but also seething poison from all her pores. Those who call her unfashionable suffer a fate worse than death. Next on her hit list, are Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku girls. They better watch out.”

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