More Past Outfits

I thought I’d write up some more of my outfits — what worked, what didn’t, & how I’d change it if I was going to wear it again.

Daily Outfit, 15th October 2006.

Two days after I had arrived in Melbourne (& my suitcase had finally arrived from Singapore — I was never so happy to see my clothes in my entire life).

White vintage dress
NYC Carousel t-shirt which i cut the sleeves from
Turquoise cardigan from Topshop
Blue legwarmers
Blue/pink Reebok Icecreams

This outfit was so comfortable & I really love the way it looks. I usually dislike wearing flat shoes because I feel like they just do NOT flatter my legs, but I managed to solve this problem by wearing matching leg-warmers. Yay! I love the fact that it all matches without being obscenely “matchy-matchy” — I have a royal blue headscarf & a royal blue t-shirt, with a turquoise cardigan & sky blue legwarmers & shoes. The white dress breaks up the colour so it’s not too overwhelming… but I was definitely the most colourful person at breakfast!

Daily Outfit, 3rd November 2006.

Long black light-weight hoodie
Boy singlet with pirates on it
3/4 length pants
Mismatched high heels

I wore this the day after all my clothing arrived from New Zealand. I had so much stuff & nowhere to put it & I was completely incapable of putting an outfit together, so I went for black. The singlet was from the children’s section of a department store — I love kid’s singlets, they’re great, I have a whole lot. Though it’s probably only something you can pull off if you have a flat stomach & chest to match! The one in the picture has one-legged pirates, treasure chests & ships all over it, & blue accents. My two mismatched shoes are the same brand & came from Patricia Field in NYC — the blue one goes with my singlet & the pink one goes with my hair. I really liked how this looked, & then went out for the evening, but found I couldn’t walk home in my shoes. I was piggybacked while I carried them, not very stylish!

Daily Outfit, 10th November 2006.

Hello Kitty hairclip
Blue silk dress from a weird hippie shop
Pink silk dress from Topshop
Hello Kitty wristband
Toy handcuffs

Yes. Perhaps this outfit is on the wacky side. I still like it, though. If I were to wear it again, I’d change the shoes — the wedges are too busy & the black’s a bit heavy. I also now have shoes which would complement the blue dress underneath — these, which I adore. Also note: the day I wore this, I got hugged by a guy in a bear suit!