Music To Take Your Clothes Off To

Ever since my debut onstage at The Slipper Room last month, I’ve been tortured with thoughts of burlesque. Well, perhaps torture is the wrong word! It’s not so terrible to be thinking about fishnet stockings and spotlights and fetish Mary Janes — as they say in The Sound Of Music, “These are a few of my favourite things” — but the urge to do it again has been strong and intense!

I took my first act development class with The New York School of Burlesque a couple of Sundays ago, and I’ve been devouring The Burlesque Handbook, which was written by my friend — and now my teacher! — Jo Weldon.

The goal? To develop a solo number and perform it onstage. Yessssss!

I’m dying to dive into putting together an act but I’m stuck on the trickiest part: picking a song! I’m such a music obsessive that I need it to be the perfect track. And of course, the song I choose will dictate the direction of the act!

Originally I wanted to use Marilyn Manson’s cover of I Put A Spell On You, but now I’m on the fence. So here are a few songs I’m considering. If you want to resuscitate your inner stripper, I recommend hitting PLAY and dancing around in front of the mirror!











I think Puscifer is winning so far, but it made me think: if you were going to take your clothes off in front of an audience, what song would you want playing? Tell me over on Facebook!

Love and pasties,

Photo by Devlin Photos.


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