Need A Miracle NOW?

Gabby Bernstein


When I met Gabby last summer, we were BFFs at first sight. We both work as writers, speakers and teachers, and we have a huge cross-over of interests. On our first girl date, we bonded over raw almond milk, and knew it was kismet. Best of all, since we live literally around the corner from one another, we have become regular fixtures in each other’s lives.

I am perpetually inspired by the work Gabby does, and the way she does it. This woman is a true powerhouse. When she states an intention, the planets align and the universe rises up to meet her. It is tremendous.

Her new book, Miracles Now, gives you a taste of the tools Gabby uses to move heaven and earth. It’s all about getting results FAST. If you’re having a bad day and need to turn the beat around, this is the book you need on your desk!

We sat down for a little chat, and the resulting video is below. Click play to hear Gabby’s suggestions for busting through a bad mood, some miracles you can use in an instant, and even her advice for dealing with internet haters!



Can’t you just feel her energy beaming through the screen at you?! Incredible.

I recently received my copy of Miracles Now, and just like I said in the video, I’ve been keeping it on my desk for moments of stress, worry, or overwhelm. It really is a life-changer! It’s amazing what a little Breath Of Fire will do for a gal!

Miracles Now


My suggestion? Order your copy today and have it whizz into your mailbox! It’ll be a real knight in shining armour on bad days, and it would make a perfect gift for your best friend. I promise you’ll love it!

If you want to attend Gabby’s free workshop, watch her miracles lecture or hear the audio book intro, click here for more details!

Love always,