There Has Never Been A Greater Time For Romance Than Right Now!

When things are tricky — see: global pandemic! — it’s easy to get mired in the muck of it all. And absolutely, it is a hard time for many of us. But where we really move into a place of power is when we shift our perspectives by asking ourselves a simple question. That question is, “What’s great about this?”

My answer? This is the most romantically-rich time we have ever lived through. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, single people of every gender and orientation are sitting in their homes, thinking, ‘Hmm. I wonder why I’m doing lockdown alone!’ We’re appraising our past, the decisions we’ve made, and the consequences of our actions. Many of us are realizing — with a startling clarity — that relationships are the most important thing. (What use is money when you’re sitting in your house alone?) And many of us are getting hip to the fact that if we want things to change in the future, we are going to have to start behaving differently… And really investing in others.

Secondly, there has been no other time in history where we have so many people at our (literal) fingertips… But we cannot physically meet any of them! Do you know how great this is?! Do you know what that means? Booty calls are over. Shallow connections are dead in the water. Today, if you meet someone you like, you have to build an emotional connection first — because there is no other choice!

Let me tell you a little story. Last year, I realized that I was just dating the same guy over and over again. Same dude, different face. And it wasn’t working. When it hit me — like a ton of bricks! — that this is what I was doing, I decided that I needed to take a dating sabbatical. I deleted my apps, I didn’t go out with anyone, and instead, I poured my energy into learning about relationships. I read books, I took classes, and I took entire sketchbooks full of notes.

I wanted to learn why I was attracted to these guys. I wanted to understand my patterns. And more than anything, I really wanted to break those patterns. The pain of dating the same dude over and over was too much. Something absolutely had to change.

Six months later, I made my triumphant return to dating! And guess what? I had completely changed my point of attraction. I had re-wired what I was attracted to. Inconsistency turned me off immediately. I upgraded my mindset about love, and what I was worthy of and what I deserved… And the universe was rewarding me for it.

The change was absolutely incredible… But it didn’t really surprise me. When I focussed on radical self-love, I became the queen of it (and wrote a book about it). When I decided to up my manifesting game, I immediately accessed the deep magic that was inside me (and wrote a book about it). And the same was true here: when I put my attention on the subject of love, my love life transformed.

(And I wrote a book about it!)

Hologram Heart: A Radiant Guide To The Romantic Revolution is now available! It’s a delicious mix of psychology, manifesting, and magic, for all the babes who — just like me — love love, but have no interest in settling. It’s for anyone who knows that they get what they think about… And want to start thinking better thoughts. And it’s for those of us who know we have work to do around what we are attracting, and are ready to get into it.

Hologram Heart is a digital experience: you’ll receive one installment every month, along with the audiobook, activities to complete, guided tapping sessions to help you get unblocked and re-wired, and a wonderful community (that has already flourished within 24 hours of opening!).

And if you buy it right now, I have a fantastic love package that you’ll get, as my way of saying thank you. You won’t just get Hologram Heart for 12 months, you’ll also get my Love Rehab class ($33 value), Metaphysical Matchmaker online dating course ($88 value), my second book on manifesting ($180 value), and my Ideal Lover Tapping session (absolutely priceless and game-changing!). It’s a $400 package that you can have for just $99!

But… This deal is only in play until midnight on May 1st. So if you want to really rack up your love frequency, you should jump on this ASAP! (By the way, if you already have these other programs, you can gift these to a bestie!)

I would love to help you see how deeply worthy of love you are. How truly ready for love you are. Because love is one of the most beautiful parts of life, a part you shouldn’t miss out on.

Click here to learn more about Hologram Heart… And I’ll see you in there!

I love you!