New Moon Magic: February 2016

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius… So get ready to innovate! This Monday, February 8th, marks the New Moon in Aquarius, the ultimate sign of rebellion, creativity and fresh change. This New Moon asks us, “What’s your vision for the future?” It’s time to dream big, witch babies!

A quick aside: in official blog news, I’m sad to announce that Mystic Medusa will no longer be contributing the astrological portion of this column — she has a huge number of books to write in the next year, and I’m so happy for her, even though I will miss her words here. I am infinitely grateful to her for helping to make this feature everything it has become. I love you, Mystic!

On the flipside, I’m thrilled to let you know that Sagittarian goddesses the AstroTwins have taken the reins of New Moon Magic! They’ll be sharing the astrological lowdown for each New Moon, and — as usual — I’ll be writing about how to use the energy to your advantage.

Here we go with the AstroTwins’ first contribution to New Moon Magic! Meow!



IN THE SKY… (The AstroTwins)

Welcome to innovation nation. Today brings a new moon in Aquarius, the cosmos’ original mad scientist and futurist. Let us all pause and peer into our crystal balls, kaleidoscopes and even our microscopes (Aquarius rules both science AND the New Age). What vision do you see for the world? The more out-there and “impossible” you make it the better, because Aquarius loves a challenge. This is the sign of the rebel, after all. Tell Aquarius they can’t do something, and they’ll show you just how quickly they CAN. So dare to dream…and use all the tools of technology and social media to spread your visionary message, since this new moon falls in a tech-savvy sign.

It won’t be ALL peace, love and sisterhood today, though. This new moon will travel at a close square (90-degree angle of tension) to hotheaded Mars in controlling Scorpio. While the Aquarius new moon sounds the cry for liberation, jealous Mars could get a little threatened by that. Sure, we like to claim to be all “live and let live”—in theory. IRL, you could encounter the shadowy side of yourself that feels intimidated when someone else flies free. What if they don’t come back? What if they meet someone better? Yeah, that’s what the voice in your head is saying. But remember what your mama’s old coffee mug said, too: If they don’t return, they weren’t yours in the first place.

February 8 also kicks off the Chinese lunar New Year. (Fun fact: the Chinese New Year always accompanies an Aquarius new moon.) Bid adieu to the weepy Sheep and welcome the manic Monkey. The passive and emo Sheep is linked to the Western sign of Cancer, so we’ve had a rather indulgent year full of feels. It’s been cozy in the bubble, but now it’s time to swing from the vines and tap into some planetary primate power. Take the wool out of your ears and listen up, people! It’s about to get noisy in this joint, as the chattering chimps and babbling baboons of our cosmos seize the mic. Take a deep breath and jump into the conversations—they promise to be lively!


ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

“When the going gets tough, the tough reinvent.” –RuPaul

No matter what you end up doing this New Moon, promise me one thing: that you’ll make some room to daydream about what could be. Think big, allow yourself to indulge in those wild dreams that you normally keep a lid on, and be unconventional! Who says that work has to be like this, or your love life needs to be like that? You are the captain of your own ship, and you can point it wherever you like.

If you want to dive extra-deep into the energy of this New Moon, here are three things to try…

Hands up if you’re guilty of asking everyone around you for advice when you already knew what you were going to do anyway! Don’t worry — it’s not just you. We often ask other people for their opinion not because we want a fresh take, but because we lack confidence and we’re hoping to hear our own thoughts validated.

Let’s throw all of that away this month. Aquarius is about being your own guru. It’s about recognising that you already have all the answers and inner guidance you need — all you have to do is make some space and call upon it!

If you’re truly not sure what to do in a given situation, carve out some time to get quiet and listen to your inner voice. You can also set the intention that you want to receive guidance in the form of a message. I did this when I was thinking about changing my name: I knew I wanted a new name, but wasn’t sure what it should be. I told myself I wanted it to come to me in a dream, and then a couple of days later during a mid-afternoon nap, a dream presented me with my new name written in a cloud. The rest is history!

Don’t be shy: this is an ideal time to get in touch with your favourite eccentric people. As SARK says, “Invite someone dangerous to tea.” Outsiders, rebels and freaks are — almost without exception — always the ones who end up changing the world. Surrounding yourself with more creative and unconventional energy can only be a good thing for you!

Get together with your favourite weirdos to dream about what could be, and allow their imagination to sweep you away. Maybe you can even work together to create the future you’ve always hoped for!

Aquarius reminds us that we have the power to adjust and modify the very fabric of reality. If you want to start a revolution, you can. If you want to change the way things are done, you can! Embrace and harness this fluid energy. Stop being stuck and start pouring your energy into what you desire!

Love and magic,

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Jourdan Dunn by Zee Nunes for Vogue Brazil February 2016.