New Moon Magic: January 2015

Welcome to a brand new feature! This is New Moon Magic, a monthly column. I’ve teamed up with my favourite astrologer, Mystic Medusa, to uncover what’s going on, astrologically… And how we can harness that to make our lives much more magical!

Every month, we have a New Moon, and the New Moon is all about starting new projects, setting goals, and focussing your intentions. I am a firm believer that when we work with the energy of the Universe, life flows more easily, and we’re able to get things DONE with much greater efficiency. Astrological productivity = hardcore Virgo porn!

In this column, Mystic Medusa will tell you what’s happening in the sky, and I’ll tell you what you can do “on the ground”, like little rituals and daily actions, to make the most of it. I think you’re going to love it!

New Moon Magic


L.A. – Jan 20 3.14am
NEW YORK – Jan 20 7.14am
LONDON – Jan 20 1.14pm
DUBAI – Jan 20 5.14pm
HONG KONG – Jan 20 9.14pm
SYDNEY – Jan 21 12.14am

IN THE SKY… (Mystic Medusa)

Any New Moon at Zero degrees are like a re-set Moon. They restore you and situations to “factory settings.” They are fab for re-committing to your REAL values and disengaging from any of the sludge that may have slowed you down or been blocking your light.

This New Moon is in Aquarius and conjunct the witch Asteroid Circe. Yes it is a powerful time to cast spells – perhaps a little ritual to let something from the past just go already. Or a massive goal-setting bender as close as possible to the time of the New Moon exact. Circe is wily energy and Aquarius is the sign of science, the liberated mind and reinvention by trusting in the future. That this comes with Mercury going Retrograde until Feb 5 and Uranus on the South Node of the Moon makes it a rad time to release the past at warp speed. Something begins but you’re keeping it clandestine or on a need-to-know basis until at least mid-Feb. Let the past/an old relationship go so you can enjoy the INTENSE fresh beginnings promised by the Eclipses of March. Don’t chase or pursue – pour energy into clever-clogs scheming and reinventing yourself with lucid, Aquarius, ultra-modern supernatural flair.

New Moon Magic

ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

If you decide to do any of the following, my suggestion is to do it as close to the New Moon as possible (see above for exact times). However, having said that, don’t let a tricky schedule or plain old forgetfulness rob you of a joyful experience. The window will still be open two days later, and doing anything is better than nothing!

Here are some ideas.

Bring in what you desire

 This is a fantastic time to do a ritual. If you’re a beginner, never fear! Even though this is based around the Full Moon, these steps are still a great place to start when it comes to crafting a ceremony that is meaningful and personal.

 Buy a 7-day candle in a colour that corresponds to what you want. (There’s a quick guide below.) Every morning, when you wake up, think about what you want to create, manifest, and attract, and focus on that as you light your candle. Keep it burning all day.

Candle colours. White: purification and truth. Black: expel negativity, break habits. Pink: love, romance, friendships. Red: passion, sex, speed, courage. Yellow: communication, protection. Orange: attraction and encouragement. Blue: jobs. Gold: success, business, wealth. Silver: clairvoyance, intuition. Green: money, abundance, fertility, health. Purple: empowerment, dreams, ambition.

 Make a daily practice of visualising your desires, and as you see them in your mind, allow yourself to feel how you will feel when it all comes to fruition. Let that feeling build up in your chest and overwhelm you! Allow the emotions and excitement and pure joy to course through you. This is truly one of the fastest ways to bring what you want to you, because you’re moving into energetic alignment with it.

To let go of the past

On a piece of paper, write down everything you no longer want or need to hold on to. Take your time. Write slowly, feel the weight of the words as you scrawl them. Then SET IT ON FIRE! Watch it burn. Feel it lift.

Want to go even deeper? Glow more? Set fire to your journals, your old art, photos that dredge up unhappy memories. As Danielle said, “Traveling lighter helps me shine brighter.”

Write it on a lantern or a balloon, and send it up into the sky.

In the shower or bath, say aloud all the things you no longer need. Envision the water washing it all away, swirling down the drain and away from you.

Goal-setting magic

Use a killer guide to make setting goals, committing them to paper, and regularly reviewing them fun. My babe Leonie’s Create Your Shining Year In Biz + Life workbook is the best I’ve seen in a long time. Mine should be here soon, and I’m aching to dive right in!

Aquarius is all about the future, and so are New Moons, so this New Moon in Aquarius is extra, extra potent for making BIG plans. Invite your best friend over for a candlelit brainstorming session. Write what you want for the next 12 months in brightly-coloured marker on a large piece of paper. Pin it up next to your front door, so you can keep your goals firmly planted in the front of your mind every single day.

 Write your number one goal for the year on a slip of paper, and put it your wallet’s transparent pocket. Add in a teeny tiny crystal that symbolises your goal, too. Ta-da: magical wallet!

Will you be giving any of these a try? I would lovelovelove to see and hear about your experiences! Just post them to Instagram with the hashtag #radicalselflovecoven!

Love so massive it could crush you flat,

Image sources: Cocorrina, Lauren Hastings by Josh Spencer for Wasteland, Carter Murdoch.