New Moon Magic: July 2015

New Moon Magic: July 2015 / Photo by Bruno Dayan

Happy almost-New Moon! It has been such a big month for me, and I suspect for you, too: highs and lows, as well as moments of pure magic. It’s a Dark Moon right now (as it always is before a New Moon), which means take things slow, get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and embrace the radical self love practices that help you feel grounded and comfortable.

Look after yourself, and you’ll be ready to throw yourself into this New Moon with gusto! It happens this Wednesday/Thursday, and it’s a wonderful, transformational vibe. If you feel like something exciting is about to get started, you’re right! We’re about to turn a big, sexy corner. It’s going to be glorious.

As always, Mystic Medusa has the astrological overview, and I’ve got suggestions to help you make the most of this time. Read on!

New Moon Magic: July 2015 / Photo by Bruno Dayan


L.A. – Wednesday at 5.24pm
NEW YORK – Wednesday at 8.24pm
LONDON – Thursday at 1.24am
DUBAI – Thursday at 4.24am
HONG KONG – Thursday at 9.24am
SYDNEY – Thursday at 11.24am
AUCKLAND – Thursday at 1.24pm

IN THE SKY… (Mystic Medusa)

It is on EROS so primal, sexy and a potent rebirth vibe. It’s like something has been incubating since late last year and now it is ready to hatch. THAT is the vibe.

It is also a really good time to re-commit to self care. This New Moon comes along with Mars in opposition to Pluto so drastic changes are supported. Think a la the giving up of something toxic, drawing a line behind damaging relationships – business or personal – and deploying pragmatic genius to firm up your security, emotionally and financially.

Symbolically, this New Moon is like the clearing out of a clogged up fountain, getting rid of all the gunk so that the ‘water” – aka love, inspiration and spiritual mojo – can flow freely. This is the sign OF THE MOON so super potent for that.

New Moon Magic: July 2015 / Photo by Bruno Dayan

ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

The rumblings are real. Any seeds you planted at the end of 2014 or start of 2015 are just starting to poke their heads through the soil. Now, don’t you see how silly you were to ever doubt that these things would come to fruition?!

This is a very juicy New Moon, so be sure to celebrate it right! See below for details…


Since this is a New Moon in Cancer, being in or around water will naturally feel good. I recommend doing something in your bath (if you’re lucky enough to have one), in or by a lake or the ocean, or in the shower.

Sometimes the most effective rituals are incredibly simple. Here’s an example of one I did a couple of weeks ago on the most recent Full Moon.

I meditated, filled the bathroom with candles and turned off the lights. I drew myself a bath full of delicious-smelling oils, then sat in it and talked out loud. Some would call this prayer, others would say it was just getting my thoughts out. I spoke about what was going on in my life and what I wanted to be different, until tears were streaming down my face. When I felt like I’d said all I had to say, I removed the bathplug and let the water drain away, visualising it taking all my pain with it. I sat in my living room and chanted Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar for 23 minutes. When I was done, I felt peaceful and calm and positive, and I knew I had been moved closer to where I wanted to be.

See? That is not complicated, and you certainly don’t have to chant for 23 minutes unless you enjoy it (which I do!). Meditate or get into a place of stillness, pray (or speak aloud) with intention, then let the water of a bath or a shower wash away everything that you no longer want or need. Give thanks. Simple!


Maybe it’s time to draw some specific boundaries in your life. Perhaps there’s someone who you are allowing to take advantage of you, or maybe there’s a relationship which doesn’t feel entirely reciprocal and is sucking your energy.

No more. Your energy is your own, and you can choose to call it back to you at any time.

Get still/meditate. Light some sage or Palo Santo if that resonates with you. Call in your guides, gods and goddesses, angels, whatever you like to work with. Then say…

“I now call my power back from anyone, any situation, belief, or event that has held it before now. I invite my power back with ease, grace, and gratitude, right now, and so it is.”

This interpretation is by Marcella Kroll. Danielle LaPorte thinks you should say “I call all of my power back to me now. I am whole and complete” whenever you feel pain, weakness or powerlessness. I like this. Use it when and how you want to. It is powerful like whoah.

I call all of my power back to me now. I am whole and complete. Mmmm-hmmm.


Get your radical self love on, baby! Of course, it’s always a good time to take care of yourself, but during this New Moon, even more so. Maybe there’s a week-long yoga challenge you want to try, but it’s been months (or even years) since you last sank your toes into a squishy yoga mat. This is a wonderful time to start! Perhaps you want to cut out eating sugar (I recommend it!) or make a habit of cooking at home a few times a week. Get into it!

Maybe the changes you want to make are less about you and more about your space. Yes! Clean out those desk drawers, declutter, Feng Shui your bedroom. All of these small actions will help bring an abundance of positive energy into your life, like sweeping rocks out of the way so that a river can rush through with its full power.

I’m excited for this New Moon! I hope you are too. Remember to share any photos of magical goings-on with the hashtag #radicalselflovecoven on Instagram!

Kiss kiss,

Photos by Bruno Dayan.