New Moon Magic: June 2015

New Moon Magic: June 2015

Happy Mercury direct! PHEW! Was yours as intense as mine?! Damn. Thankfully, it’s done, and even though we’re still in the shadow zone, the bulk of the madness is over. The great news is that in addition to the end of Mercury retrograde, we’re also about to be blessed with a New Moon in Gemini. It’s the perfect time to turn anticipation into action.

There are times in our lives when things seem to be on hold, and no matter how much we push and shove, we never seem to make any headway. This time is the antithesis of that. Massive change is about to transform all our lives… So get ready!

As always, Mystic Medusa has the astrological overview, and I’ve got suggestions to help you make the most of this time.

New Moon Magic: June 2015


L.A. – Tuesday at 7.05am
NEW YORK – Tuesday at 10.05am
LONDON – Tuesday at 3.05pm
DUBAI – Tuesday at 6.05pm
HONG KONG – Tuesday at 10.05pm
SYDNEY – Wednesday at 12.05am
AUCKLAND – Wednesday at 2.05am

IN THE SKY… (Mystic Medusa)

This New Moon is in the sign of Mercury — Gemini — and comes near the end of a lengthy Mercury trip through Gemini, including one of the most challenging Mercury Retrogrades on record.

Mercury won’t be totally out of the shadow-zone until June 27 but this Mars-boosted New Moon definitely marks a return for form. If you’ve got wits, courage and versatility, this New Moon augments your powers.

If you’re STILL pushing along with a delusion or a misplaced confidence in someone, an idea that does not work anymore or a particular business model, the final of three squares to Neptune on June 23 brings interesting revelations and clarity.

That date is also quite vital for relationships at a teetering point: see your Horoscopes for more!

New Moon Magic: June 2015

ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

It feels perfect that after this past Mercury retrograde (which was such a doozy), we’re blessed with a New Moon in Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and is the planet of quick thinking and transforming information into action. For months, a sensation of change has been brewing… And finally, we feel that we are ready for the change to occur.

This New Moon will give us all a massive boost of confidence, encouraging us to make the leap and make that change that we’ve been waiting for. Patience will be low, momentum will be high, and you’ll be keen to make the jump!


Now that our minds are feeling clear, and we’re (mostly) recovered from this hellish Mercury retrograde, it’s time to move forward. There’s some big, sexy Mars energy swirling around which will make it much easier! New Moons always give a boost of energy and assist in starting new projects, but with Mars’ help, we feel even more driven and ambitious. Harness the potential of this time and get stuck into your next big thing! “Now is the time, this is the hour, ours is the magic, ours is the power!”


If you’re anything like me, you have a few crystals that are your old favourites that you love to work with. But it’s great to give ’em a refresh! Go to your favourite crystal shop and stock up on some new crystals which make you feel great. Be sure to choose crystals which support your next mission — check out Magical Thinking: Crystals For Beginners for more information!

Clear off your altar, dust and give it a good thorough cleaning, and then replenish it with only a few crystals, icons and power items that you absolutely love.


Gemini is the twin sign, and it doesn’t just represent siblings, it also signifies kindred spirits. Awww! Bring it in! As the Sun moves into Cancer, this is a wonderful time to get cozy with your besties, and maybe even form a little coven! There are few things more special than working magic with a handful of babes that you love and adore.

If that sounds awesome to you but you’re not sure where to begin, check out Coven Craft: Witchcraft for Three or More by Amber K. You don’t have to be the Grand High Witch to form a coven: just start wherever you’re at, and keep the contents of the coven sacred!

I’m so excited to see what happens for each of us… And if you clean off your altar, form a coven or kickstart a new project, I’d love to see a photo! Just post it to Instagram with the hashtag #radicalselflovecoven!

Love eternal,

Photo by Ted Emmons.