New Moon Magic: June 2016

Hello, June! It’s officially Gemini season, which of course means that this Saturday, we’re being gifted with a beautiful New Moon in Gemini. The energy of Gemini is dynamic, clever, funny and enthusiastic, and makes a nice change from the steady, grounded vibe of Taurus that we’ve been dealing with for the past month. If you’ve felt a sudden pep in your step, you’re not alone!

Below, the AstroTwins have the scoop on what’s going on astrologically, and I’ve followed it up with a handful of ways to optimise the energy. Here we go!


JUNE 4 2016

IN THE SKY… (The AstroTwins)

Some sweet talk could be in the stars this weekend, as this year’s New Moon in Gemini sidles up to charismatic Venus, the planet of love and affection. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, but that doesn’t mean being carbon copies (trust us, we know this firsthand). Gemini #twinning is more about mirroring someone: really listening, HEARING them and reflecting back their truth. Excellent communication skills—or at least, the quest to develop them—are savvy and cerebral Gemini’s domain.

With simpatico Venus conjunct this new moon, a beautiful mind or dynamic dialogue could even spark a romantic click. But don’t rush to give someone the top spot in your inner circle too quickly. Cautious Saturn (in Sagittarius) will sit opposite the new moon, warning us to take our relationships one step at a time, and not to be cavalier about commitments. If you’re opening up, great—just don’t unleash your “big reveal” in one fell swoop. Pass the baton back and forth instead of dominating the conversation or suffering as the sounding board to someone who just won’t shut up!


ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” — Toni Morrison

Sweet witch baby, I want to encourage you to celebrate this New Moon with gusto! As Anne Ortelee says, this is one of the most potent New Moons of 2016… And of the next eight years! This is a major energy-shifting moment. The plans and ideas that you embark upon at this time will have massive weight, so don’t squander this New Moon!

You don’t have to do some wild ritual to make the most of the New Moon energy — in fact, my suggestions below are quite simple and small in scope. Sometimes the most effective magic is tiny and practical.

Pick one — or all three — and have fun with it. I’d love to see and read about what you discover on our #radicalselflovecoven hashtag on Instagram!

One of the things that keeps us stuck and prevents us from moving forward is our inability — or unwillingness — to make a decision. Take relationships, for example. If you’re constantly trying to evaluate whether you should stay or whether you should go, and you approach every interaction with one foot out the door, your relationship is never going to grow and bloom into what it could be if you simply decided to commit.

The back-and-forth, will-I-or-won’t-I mindgames we play with ourselves are procrastination, nothing more. Until you make a choice about whether you are in or out, you will not see progress. Nothing will change or transform in the way you wish it would. So that’s what I want you to do this Saturday: make a choice.

Whatever you’re on the fence about — whether it’s your love life, your career, a certain project, or moving to a new city — this is your signal to MAKE A DECISION. Yes, this is the sign you’ve been looking for!

Pick a side, and then go forth and make magic. Of course, you can always change your mind later, if you get some new information. But please, don’t dilly-dally. This Saturday, sit down with your thoughts and make a choice. You may not feel 100% certain about it, but 100% certainty is not a necessity to enact massive change in your life. All you need to know is which way you want to go, and then start by putting one foot in front of the other.

I believe in you. You can do this!

Gemini is the sign of the twin, and this weekend is a beautiful time to take a page out of the twin’s handbook to life. As the AstroTwins said, twinning is about mirroring someone: listening carefully (as opposed to just waiting for your turn to speak!), sharing with honesty and integrity, and reflecting back the other’s brilliance.

So invite your best friend over for a late-night lovefest (or chat to them via Skype or FaceTime if — like me — most of your favourite people live in a different city!). Light some candles and get deep. Ask your #1 babe what she most wants to create or manifest in the next thirty days, and let her know that you support her with all your heart. Then you can talk about what you want to do, too.

My friendships are made stronger by the knowledge that the people I choose to have in my life are my greatest cheerleaders, and I am theirs too. Don’t be afraid to let your friends know how much you love them, and that you have their back. That kind of knowledge can empower even the most timid person to take huge risks. Love makes all things possible!

Next week, everyone in the Radical Self Love Coven will be receiving their tarot module, and I can’t wait to get stuck into it! Enrollment for the Coven is currently closed, but you can learn tarot on your own too!

A good way to get acquainted with the tarot is to pull one card every day for a month. You can either do this the old fashioned way, with actual cards, or you can use an app on your phone. I love Tarot! and Golden Thread Tarot, both of which provide interpretations of the cards, making everything very easy.

Sit down in the morning, quiet your mind, and pull a card. If you have time, do a little journalling about the card and how you feel it relates to your current situation. A super digital witch (digiwitch!) way of doing this would be to use the Tarot! or Golden Thread Tarot app, take a screenshot of the results, then insert that image into an Evernote document and journal below it. Easy!

Love and light,

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Photos from The Selby.