New Moon Magic: October 2015


Oh baby! It’s that time again… We’re just about to hit the New Moon, which happens on Monday/Tuesday depending on where you are in the world. (The times are listed below for your convenience.)

Just like the Moon influences the tides, it influences us too. Every phase of the Moon has its own unique energy which we can choose to work with. (Of course, you can also choose to ignore it and just do whatever you like!) New Moons denote the beginning of a cycle: it’s about planting seeds, setting intentions, and focussing our energy.

To help you make the most of this delicious New Moon, Mystic Medusa has the astrological overview, and I’ve got suggestions for how to use the energy to your advantage. Let’s go!



L.A. – Monday 12 October at 16.06
NEW YORK – Monday 12 October at 19.06
LONDON – Tuesday 13 October at 00.06
DUBAI – Tuesday 13 October at 03.06
HONG KONG – Tuesday 13 October at 07.06
SYDNEY – Tuesday 13 October at 10.06

IN THE SKY… (Mystic Medusa)

This New Moon is extra potent because it is opposite rad planet Uranus. The astrological Uranus is a Change God Extraordinaire, quaker of stagnant scenes and Muse of Innovation. It’s a New Moon that aids in the sudden breaking of ties that have probably been frayed for quite some time.

The vibe is more “full moon” because of this opposition so avoid fuqwit Muggles or over-thinking their objections to your latest reinvention. There are some complacent and/or scattered people out there who are totally unwilling to tap the Uranian Growth Vibe. That is their concern but don’t get stuck trying to show your working. It’s not even like you can convert them to your cause of Awesome.

Mercury on the North Node at the same time is like a precognitive pulse of the Future. You get an instinctive blast with this Moon and/or a dialogue/message that seeds something amazing. Stay fluid, minimalist and contemporary for best results with this zinger of a New Moon.


ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

This has been such a big year for so many of us, and the changes just keep on rolling in. As Mystic said, there is massive transformational energy coming through, and the most important thing to do is stay relaxed and ride it like a surfboard (just like Beyonce). Use the following as your mantra:

“I am available for anything that wants to happen in this moment, including that which is beyond imagining.” — P. Lowe

Here are three other suggestions to harness the New Moon energy!

This week might be a doozy for those of us surrounded by people who are fearful about change. These people will surely have Opinions (with a capital O) on you: how you should behave, what you should do next, what is appropriate and what is not. While you can minimise their effect on you — visualising a mirror between you and them is simple but very powerful and protective — one of the best things you can do is get really clear about what you want next, and most crucially, why you want it.

You can do this in any number of ways, but I’d encourage you to do it in a way that feels fun and easy. The best things come to fruition when what we’re doing feels like play! You could write yourself a letter about what you want and why, draw your aspirations on a huge sheet of paper, make a collage of the things you want, or simply talk to yourself aloud about your dreams and motivations.

Once you have done this, other people’s feelings about your life won’t matter so much. You can look at your letter, collage, or just remember the conversation you had with yourself, and feel reaffirmed, rooted in your goals, and clear-headed.

This New Moon gives us a boost to help us cut ties that are no longer serving us, so why not finish the job by performing a cord-cutting ceremony?

Here’s the gist: we create energetic attachments to everyone we’re involved with on an emotional level. You can visualise these as energetic cords: some might be whisper-thin and spiderwebby, while others are thick and heavy. These connections are wonderful and important but sometimes they get clogged up (with, say, resentments or misunderstandings), dirty (tarnished with jealousy or other negative emotions), or just need to be severed (when you no longer want to be connected to the person anymore).

Doing a cord-cutting ceremony can be long and involved or quick and dirty — whatever you prefer (and whatever you think is going to get the job done most effectively!). There’s a detailed guide to performing an energetic divorce here (another name for cord-cutting), and more suggestions here, here and here.

When I was 22 years old, I was desperate to change my name, but didn’t know what it should be. So I did what any witch would do: I set the intention that I wanted my name to come to me. I didn’t want to have to go looking for it, I wanted it to simply appear. One day soon after, I laid down for a nap and my new name was literally written in a cloud in my dream. I woke up, wrote it down, filled out a name change form, and the rest is history.

Like Mystic said, this is a week where it’s important to stay fluid and open. If you’re not sure what to do next or where to direct your energy, don’t panic. Instead, keep it loose and ask the universe to give you a sign. Make a note of whatever comes up and use that to guide your decision-making!

Happy New Moon, witch babies, and have a wonderful weekend. I’d love to see your photos of any rituals on the #radicalselflovecoven hashtag on Instagram!


Photos of Immy Waterhouse by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Russia October 2015.

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