New York City Sparkle!

New York City Sparkle

The West Village is the best village. As an East Village dweller, I know I’m not supposed to say that out loud — even think it! But the West Village is where I lived when I first moved to New York City, & it remains my favourite place.

There’s something romantic about the West Village, with its cobblestone streets, beautiful brownstones & immaculately manicured gardens. It smells good over there; it’s fancy & fabulous. One day, I’ll move back… Husband & dogs in tow!

So these photos were all taken over there, in the West Village’s unique maze of gorgeous, leafy streets. They were taken by some of my favourite photographers, the Made U Look girls, while my favourite English babe, Kat, was in town. We had SUCH an amazing day!

We ended up drinking tea, sharing pain au chocolat, swooning over peonies & dancing in the middle of the street. Would you expect anything less?!

New York City SparkleI wear these boots practically every day (& pairing them with long socks is my new favourite thing). Aren’t Kat’s Jimmy Choo sparkle sneakers insane?!
New York City SparkleWhen I lived on Carmine Street, I would buy fresh flowers from the bodega twice a week.
New York City SparkleI love the way they dye flowers over here. It’s so surreal & fun.
New York City SparkleA dance party on Perry Street!

I was wearing…
Star headband from Janine Basil
Custom glasses by Luxyloli. She also made my INSANE phone case! I love Luxyloli!
Sequinned dress from TopShop (I can’t find it online but this one is similar!)
Sweater (in some pictures) by Victoria’s Secret Pink
Frye boots
Kate Spade bag
Forever 21 bracelets, Michael Kors watch, engagement & wedding rings

Kat was wearing…
Topshop cut-out back dress
Jimmy Choo Tokyo hi-tops
Stargazer Japan wig in Sky
Sparkle & Fade Skull Cardigan
‘We are all mad here’ necklace by UntamedMenagerie

New York City SparkleSo much love for this “taco taxi”! I was getting major Ellen Von Unwerth vibes from Kat during this shoot! Isn’t this so 90’s supermodel?!
New York City SparkleThis dress transforms into a massive disco-ball when the sun hits it… Perfect for impromptu boogie nights!
New York City SparkleBABE! If she were president, she’d be Baberaham Lincoln.
New York City SparklePretending this stoop is my very own… One day!

When’s the last time you got dressed up & had a dance party in public with your best friend? I’d wager that it was TOO LONG AGO! Make it happen this week!

I have to say a huuuuuuuge thank you to Made U Look Photography — who you should totally shoot with! — & also to Regan Rabanal, my favourite make-up artist! Babes, one & all!

Sparkle on!