No Matter What Happens, It’s Your Attitude That Matters

Every day, we have a choice about how we see the world. We can open our eyes wide with wonder, and decide to be amazed and thankful. Or we can choose to approach life with a cynical squint: with our eyes half-closed, we see only the worst in people, circumstances, and situations.

Driving back to our apartment in Berlin yesterday, our friend Shell said, “The way I see it, everyone has to go through the same shit. The only difference is how you approach it. You can smile and say ‘Oh well’ and move on, or you can turn everything into a woe-is-me drama. Making every situation dramatic doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. I choose to look on the bright side, because it makes life more pleasant.”

Caught in the rain? Whinge about it, or enjoy the sensations. Stuck in traffic? Grumble and curse, or sing along to your favourite songs. Feeling homesick in a foreign country? Keep thinking about all the things you miss, or fully immerse yourself in the culture.

You can see life as a grand adventure, or as a huge pain in the ass. Up to you!

“Love is not enough; intelligence is not enough; powerful strength is not enough. You may put everything on one side of the scale, but if you are missing gratitude, you shall lose. ” (Yogi Bhajan)

Silver linings and all,