Obsessions In Overdrive: Pinterest.com


I have to introduce you to something dangerous! My newest compulsion: Pinterest!

Pin·terest (pĭn’trĭst): n. a social catalog to collect and share things you love

Pinterest is like Flickr or Tumblr with fabulous organisational sensibilities. It’s a place where you can gather visual inspiration & group it together to make vision boards, & little collections of graphic influence which go together.

I was sent an invite yesterday, & immediately got stuck in, creating vision boards, & obsessively curating pictures!

Pinterest(A work in progress, you understand!)

style influences Well-dressed dames & fancy fillies. Frothy tulle skirts, turbans, leopard-print fingernails & Lauren Moffatt (of course).

les interieurs My dream home. Striped wallpaper, chandeliers, splashes of bright pink & long, long tables.

shoe pornography Sparkly Louboutins, spikes, skulls, stilettos & glitter.

travel inspiration Pictures to remind me of places to go. Hot springs in Iceland, Jacqueline Kennedy in India, the Greek Islands, & colourful streets in Brighton.

heroes and wisdom People I admire & smart sayings. (Also, good typography!)

good This is my hodge-podge pinboard; a good mix of art, ideas & celebrity photobooth strips!

birthday forever Every day should be like your birthday, I think. Here are some ways to invite the party into your life.

underthings I like knickers! Oh yes, I do!

girls girls girls The world is full of good-lookin’ ladies.

heart People in love, & heart necklaces which say let’s make out.

There are some screenshots of my boards below!

les interieurs // a mirrored staircase, cherry blossom wallpaper & lanterns in the garden.

travel inspiration // Holi, Japan & the Eiffel Tower.

birthday forever // vodka-spiked blueberry lemonade, number balloons & beautiful invitations.

I’ve found some lovely other boards, too. Have a look at a rainbow of hair, typography & dream home for some ideas of how other people are using Pinterest.

As well as keeping track of things you like to look at, I think Pinterest has so much to offer in terms of helping you manifest whatever it is that you want. Sometimes it can be tricky to find pictures in magazines which really inspire you–this is such an easy way to do it, & you pull it up on your screen with just a click of the mouse. You could even leave a tab open all the time so that when you’re feeling uninspired or demotivated, you can go back to it, let your eyes glaze over & get deeply excited about the things you’re heading towards! I think that setting up a board which reminds you of your goals could be an incredible tool in helping them come to fruition much faster.

You can create shared boards, too–so if you & your best friend are going to start designing clothes, or if you’re decorating a house with someone else, you can both add bits & pieces to the board. It can be a collaborative project. I love this!

Pinterest is relatively new, so it’s in beta & is invite-only. Sign up for an invite! I think the turnaround is quite fast, & I would love to see your vision boards!

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