Ooh, The iTC Starts Tomorrow!

Sweet Valley High

Yes indeed, the iCiNG Transformation Challenge starts tomorrow. I know that some of you might be feeling a little daunted, especially if you took my advice of yesterday to pick a couple of goals that scare you a bit. I know how you feel, & trust me, we’re going to get through this together!

Let me give you an example. As a child growing up in New Zealand, raised on the Sweet Valley High series, cheerleading was always something amazing & cool & foreign to me. I wanted to be just like Jessica Wakefield, the most popular girl in school & a great cheerleader. But living where I did, & going to a single-sex school & well, let’s face it, feeling uncoordinated & being more interested in serial killers & Marilyn Manson than high kicks & pom-poms kind of meant I was out of the cheerleading loop.

Well, yesterday I decided that if I could take cheerleading classes, I would. It would be part of the iTC, & I could just do it once & maybe if it sucked I wouldn’t go back, but at least I’d know. & my childhood dream would finally be fulfilled! I found a place that had a squad & taught classes, & made arrangements to go.

Today was the day. I was nervous. Okay, let me re-phrase that. I was terrified. “Terrified of a bunch of cheerleaders?”, I hear you scoff. Well, yes! What if they were all blonde & perfect & extremely coordinated & I, well, wasn’t? What if I sucked really hard, & smashed my face on the floor? What if they hated me & someone tried to suffocate me with a pom? What if it was like the try-outs in Bring It On? Would my ego survive? Would I run from the class, crying in embarrassment?

Imagine my surprise. They were all super-friendly & cool. I had a blast. It was so much fun. It was really hard work, but totally awesome. I’m not the world’s best at following choreography, but I did well — & they told me I was picking it up really quickly. I watched them do stunting (where you throw people in the air!) & then I learned how to do a back & forward walk-over, something I have always wanted to do!

I left the class euphoric & power-walked home. I am still buzzing. I had such a great time. I am now part of a squad! Squeal! Anyway, the point of writing this all down is to encourage you to feel the fear & do it anyway! Trust me, if I can go to a cheerleading class, you can do whatever it is you want to.

We have all previously let our beliefs & fears dictate what we do. The thing is, beliefs & fears aren’t rational. I thought I was uncoordinated. Why? It’s not even true! If you can sweep your fears & false assumptions aside (hint: EFT is really good for this, & trust me, I did a lot of tapping before I left the house this afternoon!), you really, truly can do anything you want.

Don’t let your mind hold you back!

Best of luck for tomorrow!