Party Preparation

I’ve been running around all day, buying & making things in preparation for my party tonight. It’s my first one in Melbourne, in celebration of my Cosmopolitan column! Of course, we’re going to drink cosmopolitans, so I am now the proud owner of a silver shaker, as well as one of those weird measuring things.

Other purchases:
Fresh flowers (purple tulips & hot pink gerberas)
I baked a huge batch of cupcakes this morning (chocolate with purple rose-flavoured icing)
12 martini glasses (I think mine all got smashed when we moved country)
Party food (little pies, sausage rolls etc.!)
Some nice fabric as a makeshift tablecloth

I’m really looking forward to putting on my party frock (even though I don’t know what I’m going to wear), watching the sun go down & bringing the iCiNG Bowl alive with fairy lights, candles & music.

What are your best party preparation tips? (Other than a stiff drink half an hour beforehand?!)