Peacock Rings & The Secret Meanings Of Gemstones!

Peacock Rings & The Secret Meanings Of Gemstones!Photo by Lydia Hudgens.

Sparkle is lovely, but I like a bit of substance with my style. Similarly, I don’t just choose gemstones for their colour or size, I like to know their metaphysical properties! It all harks back to when I was 13 years old & watched The Craft for the first time — ha! — & swiftly became obsessed with tarot cards, crystals, Scott Cunningham, Raymond Buckland & Silver RavenWolf. I’d spend hours in stores which absolutely PONGED of incense, reading about the meanings of stones & admiring the pentacle jewellery. Oh yes, my formative years. Good times!

So when my friend from Plukka emailed me & asked if I’d like a piece of jewellery — ahem, yes please! — I was very interested to see what kind of gems they were using. Plukka is a really cool concept & a very interesting way of buying accessories. They put up a piece of jewellery that is going to be manufactured, & the more people who sign up to buy it, the more the price comes down! Kind of brilliant!

They have some gorgeous pieces, but my eye kept coming back to the Peacock Dandy ring, whose description read:

“Surrounding a citrine eye of 1 carat, more than 4 carats of rubies, tsavorites & orange sapphires are mounted on black rhodium .925 sterling silver.”

I was fascinated, & I’d never even heard of “tsavorites”! I started researching, & here is what I found out about each of the stones…

Sapphires were historically used to protect against the Evil Eye; in Europe, it was said that wearing a sapphire would reflect harmful or evil spells back towards their senders! Magicians loved sapphires for their magical powers, & considered them to be a portal to the heavenly realms. They help to sharpen the vision of your life’s work, & to manifest dreams.

Rubies encourage us to follow our bliss. They are stones which help to heal & open the heart, as well as awakening a sense of radical self love! As one website said, “Ruby teaches you to become a vehicle through which divine love & joy can enter your life & touch those around you.”

Tsavorites help us to see inner beauty, both within ourselves & others. These stones inspire us to live our own purpose, rather than feeling trapped in a life someone else created for us. Tsavorite represents manifestation, prosperity, vitality & benevolence. It can be used in metaphysics to contact the spiritual realms, especially Greek & Egyptian gods. The message of tsavorite is “know thyself”.

Citrine stones awaken the higher mind, & attracts helpful friends & mentors. It coaxes us to be flexible & open to new experiences. It’s a joyful stone, which helps to dispel negativity, doom, phobias & depression. It’s a great stone for prosperity & attracting wealth. It inspires creativity, self-healing & self-improvement, & helps us look forward to the future with optimism & excitement!

Of course, you don’t have to spend a bundle on jewellery to feel the effects of these gemstones. Lots of metaphysical stores — & Etsy stores! — sell rings, necklaces & bracelets featuring some of these fabulous stones.

I am kind of in love with these rainbow sapphire rings & raw citrine necklaces, this tsavorite ring & these hammered stack rings with an opal in the centre…

There’s also a LOT of information about the meanings of various stones online. Gem Select is a good starting point, but you can always search for a specific stone in Google & you’ll find way more info!

Do you believe in the power of gemstones & crystals or do you think it’s all rubbish? Do you choose jewellery that has a special meaning to you, or do you just go for what catches your eye? Tell me!

Love & sparkles,

P.S. This is not a sponsored post & I was under no obligation to write about this — I simply thought you’d be as interested in the meaning behind the stones as I am! Sponsored posts will always be marked as such!