As promised, I made you a mixtape to accompany the perfect picnic. It’s a little bit different to my normal fare — this one is happy and jingly-jangly, and 97% indie rock.

Some of the highlights include Air, Belle & Sebastian, The Postal Service, Beirut, The Magnetic Fields, and a whole lot of other treats for your eardrums. There’s a few old favourites thrown in for good measure, too!

Celebrate This: International Picnic Day!

Quite frankly, if this mixtape had a slogan, it would be, “Music so good you’ll look forward to uncomfortable silences.”

If a picnic isn’t on your agenda, this mix works equally well for sitting at your desk and blitzing through some tasks!

Love always,

Mixtape cover photo from Love Simone. Gramophone babe is from Vogue Italia.