Pets At Christmas

If you’re thinking of giving someone a puppy or kitten or other animal for Christmas, please pause before you pick one up from your local pet store.

In Australia alone, over 130,000 dogs & 60,000 cats are put down every year, just because there are so many unwanted pets in animal shelters.

It’s important to realise that pets are a huge responsibility. They’re very expensive — are you sure the intended recipient can afford to look after a cat who needs repeated visits to the vet, or a puppy who requires obedience training? Another thing to consider is that animals live a long time if you take care of them properly! Is a small puppy going to suit your teenager’s lifestyle? How about when they go to college?

If, after thinking about all these things, you are sure that a pet would be the perfect gift, please be thoughtful & get one from the RSPCA or other animal shelter!

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