Photobooths And Fantastic Food: A Blogcademy Reunion!

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!

It seems like a million years ago that we had our first Blogcademy class… And since Kat, Shauna and I were all in town in June, we decided the time was right to throw a little reunion get-together!

The invitation read: You. Us. Lunch. Cocktails. Photobooths. (You know how we do!)

With a fistful of RSVPs, we booked a table for 25 at The Smith.

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!It ended up being two tables… But we’re not complaining!

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!Luna sat next to me, and I was secretly thrilled, because I think she is way awesome!

It was so cool to catch up with some of our previous students. We’re unbelievably proud of them. They have all made huge strides and changes since we saw them last, and some — like Latanya — have even made the leap to full-time blogging! I’m so impressed!

Over oversized salads and insane sandwiches, we talked about everything. From blogging to boyfriends, lipsticks to living arrangements, nothing was off limits… Just how I like it!

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!Cocktails at lunch: it’s the blogger’s way!

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!Angela and Juanita are such babes. Plus, it was Juanita’s birthday!

The thing I love most about our blogcadettes is how sweet and welcoming they are. Our lunch gathering was made up of a mix of babes from different classes, and even though some of them had never met before, by the end of the lunch, they were swapping information and getting real chummy!

At one point, a girl pointed to another blogcadette and told me, “I just hired her to redesign my blog!” Isn’t that so cool?!

We definitely have our own mini economy going, which is something I never imagined!

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!It’s just not a blogger shindig unless there are photobooth pictures…

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!I love these pictures hung up against subway tile.

The Blogcademy Reunion Lunch!From left to right: Latanya (old school!), Luna (who was in our Portland class!), Kat, Kristin (from the most recent NY class), Holly (also from the Portland class!), and me. We’re all eerily well colour-coordinated, don’t you think?

Hopefully next time, we won’t have to wait so long to see each other! So much love! And if you’re in NYC, you should definitely stop in at The Smith. They have the best photobooth in town!

Click click flash,

Photos by the brilliant June Cochran!