Possibly The Last Batch Of i.D.U.D. #004 Photos!

Gorgeous! I especially love the group shots, very dramatic!




“ms. darling.. I got my friends hooked on this international dress up day idea.. we love it! we dressed up and bounced around downtown taking photos.. we got lots of werid looks but that kind of added to the fun. so here are just a few of our photos.. we came up with a plot and everything for them.. though there are far to many in the story to show off right now. so we are..: Kathleen (me) : in the short blonde hair, Jeremy: ..er.. the boy, and Nina: with the long dark hair. so.. thank you so much for organizing this, we plan on doing something similar for every I.D.U.D to follow! :D”

Film Noir group
Film Noir group
Film Noir group