Pow-Wows & The Law Of Attraction

I once heard a story about Native American women. The story goes that within the tribes, every week, the women would meet to have a pow-wow. They would all sit around & talk, & if anyone had a problem, they were welcome to seek advice from the other women who were there. Now, this doesn’t sound too odd, in fact it sounds like your average lunch with a friend. However, there was one crucial difference to the way they operated.

One of the rules of the pow-wow was that if you were still struggling with the same problem after three weeks, you either had to deal with it or stop talking about it. Obviously, after three weeks, you have garnered as much advice or information as you could possibly need to deal with your issue, & if you hadn’t done anything to help resolve the problem, then you were on your own. There wasn’t any point in talking about it anymore, so it was no longer on the agenda.

This makes a lot of sense to me. If you’re still complaining about something after three weeks, aren’t you just whining for the sake of it? Don’t you know that you receive what you think about the most? If you don’t like your boyfriend/job/house/body, do something about it!

Get off your booty & make your life worth living. Why should you suffer every day? You SHOULDN’T. Guilt & self-loathing is totally gauche & uncool — move on! Your life is waiting… & I’m talking about your REAL life, the one where your relationships are great & your house is gorgeous, where you enjoy your work & every day you look in the mirror & smile at yourself.

If you haven’t heard about the law of attraction or the movie The Secret, then get with the program baby! This stuff is so mainstream now that it’s been featured on Oprah. You can live however you want, right now! Start manifesting your dream life. That’s your homework for the week. Okay, go!