Primp My Ride

“I have an article idea for you me dear. Pimp my ride Gala-stylezzz! Please? The Toyota Corona I got for my 30th is sooooooo lame and has no sass compared to my old Peugeot that gave up. Help me make my ease-ey pease-ey Japanese-ey car cool?”

Now, this is certainly not my area of expertise. Though I may have been taught to drive at age 10 by my exceptionally irresponsible (but awesome) father, I have never actually owned a license (much to his chagrin). However, as soon as I received this email I immediately thought of Miss Sandra B.

Who is Miss Sandra B.?, I hear you ask. (Shhh, this is my imagination.)

She is a nutty but adorable girl from Massachusetts. I secretly think she is the greatest thing on earth. I’ve been reading her online journal for years — it used to be Novim & now she is situated at While I’ve never met her, it was through her website that I met the lovely Star. Anyway, the point is that Sandra has a Cadillac like no other!

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it totally turns my crank & I thought it might give you some ideas…


So, how are you supposed to make a car as stylish as this? The answer seems to be: a lot of estate sales, clear silicone sealant or Elmer’s household cement & some creative license.

I can’t think of a better way to travel across the country than in this fabulous beast.

Genius. I love it. I hope to one day have a car just like it.